Student Support Resources

Is insurance available through the University?

The Business Office has taken a lead role in planning student insurance coverage for COVID-19-related expenses and care. We will ensure that University insurance coverage is reviewed and updated regularly regarding potential COVID-19 claims and risks.

Is counseling available through the University?

Counseling Services are offered in person and via telehealth. Our Counseling Services provide outreach modules that address the needs of our students in the current environment. Information on counseling services and staff for each campus can be found at the following webpages:

Virtual and in-person programming on health and wellness are also available throughout the academic year.

What academic support resources are available?

The Center for Academic Success and Enrichment provides outreach and academic support services in person and online; this includes academic planning, study strategies, development of Academic Success Plans, peer mentor support for the Introduction to the Major course, and more.

Peer and professional tutoring are provided online by the Writing Center, the English Language Resource Center, and the Math/Physics Center. In addition, individual faculty are available to offer discipline-specific tutoring as needed.

Are there any changes to tuition or financial aid?

We bill students commensurate with changing academic plans and modified auxiliary services as applicable, including housing and other services. Our primary goal is to provide students with affordability counseling, and we administer the CARES Act according to government guidelines. We monitor evolving financial aid regulations as they pertain to all aspects of student financial aid, including online learning provisions, extended aid periods, and loan administrative forbearance programs.

What support is available for students with disabilities or other medical impairments?

The Office of Student Access and Accommodations (OSAA) is available to support students with disabilities or other medical impairments. This also includes students who are immunocompromised or at increased risk of COVID-19. Students are encouraged to reach out to OSAA regarding accommodations. IEP’s and 504 Plans are non-transferrable, and students will need to meet with OSAA to establish accommodations.

Students with questions about accommodations should contact OSAA at or 617.879.5995.