Covid-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing is no longer required at MCPHS, but PCR testing is still available to those Community members who wish to test. The process for testing has changed, however, from an observed testing process at the on-campus trailers to a self-administered PCR COVID-19 testing process.

MCPHS has partnered with Color Health (Color), a population health testing company that partners with many universities and organizations, to support self-collected PCR COVID-19 testing on all three campuses.

You will need to create a Color account in order to access PCR testing services. You can visit the Color website to get detailed instructions on account creation, activation, and sample collection (there is also an instruction card inside each test kit).

To create your account, visit the account activation section of the Color website. Please note that Color uses MCPHS single sign-in for account creation and login.

For questions or concerns about COLOR login, COVID-19 test results, or other Color technical problems please contact Color support:

Color patient support for test participants:

Available to test participants regarding accessing test results or any testing issues | Phone: 844.352.6567

Hours of Operation: Daily 9am-8pm ET

Test kits and drop boxes are available on all three campuses including:

  • Boston – Palace Road Entrance
  • Manchester – 22 Fir Street Entrance
  • Worcester – 25 Foster Street Entrance and 10 Lincoln Entrance

Samples in the drop boxes will be collected daily at noon Monday through Friday for delivery to the laboratory. Results will continue to synchronize with your CoVerified mobile application.

Student Documented Absences

With regard to the student documented absence policy, students requesting a documented absence for a COVID-19 infection must submit a positive Color PCR test result or a positive PCR test result from an outside laboratory.

Outside laboratory test reports must include the following:

  • The complete report in English
  • Your full name clearly visible with another identifier such as a DOB
  • The laboratory/facility address
  • Collection date and time
  • Type of test performed (i.e. PCR, NAAT)
  • Results with a date and time

Rapid home test results will not be accepted for student documented absence purposes.


Employees experiencing symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 infection should receive a PCR test from Color, a healthcare provider, pharmacy, or another provider, and if positive, stay home and submit symptoms and upload your test result to the CoVerified mobile application.

Other Questions?

Contact the MCPHS COVID-19 Team with questions at Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. ET.