Johnson Compounding and Wellness Fellowship

Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center
Two-Year Pharmacy Fellowship in Compounding


Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center (JCWC) is a leader in the world of sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy. This fellowship is designed for pharmacists who are interested in pursuing a specialty career in compounding pharmacy, and will provide the candidate with a complete understanding of sterile and non-sterile drug development and production. The fellow will also be introduced to clinical trial design and testing with industry professionals. 

The compounding department at JCWC is composed of two state-of-the-art laboratories in compliance with USP <797> and USP <795> to facilitate compounding of sterile and non-sterile compounded preparations.  The compounding department performs formula development and also provides pharmacy expertise to consult with physicians and patients.


The purpose of this two-year fellowship program is to train clinical pharmacists to formulate and compound sterile and non-sterile preparations while meeting quality and safety requirements. Training includes business, scientific, technical, administrative, and operational aspects of compounding. The fellow will be expected to receive certification in compounding techniques. In addition, the fellow will gain experience in teaching within the academic setting at the MCPHS University, and develop skills to train students, residents, and employees in the areas of compounding, formula development, and regulatory affairs.

Objective for Fellowship Program

The fellow will:

  • Develop skills and techniques needed for sterile and non-sterile compounding;
  • Participate in critical research for compounding formula development;
  • Develop all aspects of a compounding formula including:
    • Active and inactive ingredients
    • Materials needed for compounding
    • Procedures for compounding
    • BUD analysis and assignment
    • Quality control
  • Assist in providing information and implement new controls for PCAB accreditation;
  • Present  any new equipment or formulations prior to implementation;
  • Develop patient education and counseling documents;
    • Learn to demonstrate competency on end-product testing methods such as (non-inclusive) Sterility testing; Endotoxin testing and; Potency testing
  • Construct clinical outcome review for select compounded preparations;
  • Develop a standardized competency training program for students and technicians;
  • Assist with all business parameters incorporated within a compounding pharmacy, including:
    • Business development
    • Marketing
    • Finances
  • Understand all regulations and standards of practice associated with a compounding pharmacy;
  • Become an active member of compounding professional JCWCs;
  • Precept PharmD students on Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotation at JCWC during the second year of the fellowship and;
  • Perform clinical consultations with patients that have been referred for evaluation for compounding related therapeutic alternatives.

Application Requirements

  • Interested candidates must have completed a Doctor of Pharmacy Program from an ACPE accredited school or college of pharmacy and be eligible for licensure in Massachusetts.
  • MCPHS University and JCWC cannot sponsor visas. All applicants must be eligible to work in the United States.