Bachelor of Science in Public Health—Occupational Therapy Pathway (BS/MSOT)

The knowledge and skills gained through the Public Health program provides an excellent foundation for the MS in Occupational Therapy program and for a career in occupational therapy. Students in this pathway will complete three years at the Boston campus before moving on to the Manchester, NH campus to complete the MSOT program. Variations on this sample curriculum are possible. Please see the University Catalog for a detailed description of the program curriculum. Current students should refer to their program evaluation when registering for courses.


Year I Fall 

BIO 150 Biology 1 Lab 1
BIO 151 Biology I: Cell & Molecular Biology 3
CHE 131/L Chemical Principles I (w/ Lab) 4
ITM 101 Introduction to the Major 1
LIB 111 Expository Writing I 3
MAT 151 Calculus I 3
Total Semester Hours 15

Year 1 Spring 

BIO 152/L Biology II: Biology of Organisms (w/ Lab) 4
CHE 132/L Chemical Principles II (w/ Lab) 4
LIB 112 Expository Writing II 3
LIB 133 Introduction to Social Sciences: Identity, Power and Society 3
MAT 152 Calculus II 3
Total Semester Hours 17

Year II Fall

BIO 110/L Anatomy & Physiology I (w/ Lab) 4
LIB 120 Introduction to Psychology 3
PBH 260 Public Health Research Methods 3
MAT 261 Statistics 3
PBH 206 Public Health Seminar 1
PBH 250 Introduction to Public Health 3
Total Semester Hours 17

Year II Spring 

BIO 210/L Anatomy & Physiology II (w/ Lab) 4
PBH 340 Environment and Public Health 3
LIB 220 Interpersonal Communication for Health Professionals 3
Social Science electives* 6
Total Semester Hours 16

Year III Fall 

BEH 352 Human Development Through the Life Cycle 3
BIO 345/L Exercise Physiology (w/ Lab) 4
LIB 512 Healthcare Ethics 3
MAT 461 Biostatistics 3
PBH 420 Community Health 3
Total Semester Hours 16

Year III Spring 

BEH 458 Child & Adolescent Development 3
BEH 350 Abnormal Psychology 3
PBH 330 Introduction to Epidemiology 3
Humanities (HUM) elective 3
PBH 435 Public Policy & Public Health 3
Total Semester Hours 15

*See university catalog for list of approved electives

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