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Healthcare Business and Technology

A meaningful career in technology.

The explosion of technology and Big Data in research and healthcare is making truly personalized, precision medicine possible. And with healthcare business and technology expertise, you are at the forefront of this revolution. You perform analysis and research to understand the consequences of genome variation and its impact on disease. Work to tailor patients’ medical treatments to their individual characteristics, needs, and preferences. Or optimize operations to improve healthcare outcomes through data analysis. All to meet the needs for tomorrow’s clinical practice.

Advance technology in healthcare.

Working with highly trained faculty with years of experience in some of the industry’s top companies and institutions, you’ll gain the medical and scientific knowledge needed to work with and advance the technology of an ever-evolving industry. You’ll also have internship opportunities and access to world-class hospitals, research facilities, and the largest biotech cluster in the world. And you’ll graduate with firsthand experience of accessing, understanding, and analyzing data to continue to evolve the healthcare industry

Questions about our healthcare business and technology programs? Connect with our Admission Office. Boston: 617.879.5964, Online: 508.373.5657.

Blended Curriculum

From introductory business courses to industry specific topics, MCPHS gives graduates the advantage of healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology knowledge to set them apart in the job market.

Highly Trained Faculty

MCPHS professors are industry executives, entrepreneurs, and healthcare leaders who provide robust avenues for internships and employment.

Global Healthcare Center

Boston’s Longwood Medical and Academic Area is a global center for healthcare delivery, research and education, giving our students access to world-class hospitals and research facilities.

Biotech Hub

Massachusetts’ reputation as the largest biotech cluster in the world is ideal for professionals looking to take advantage of the ever-expanding healthcare, biotech, and pharma industries.

Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities in leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies prepare students to enter their careers with confidence.Advantageous


Connections to industry leaders and alumni provide unique networking and mentoring opportunities.

Unique Programs

Unlike other programs, our programs blend topics, preparing students to analyze complex data and apply solutions to patient therapies and healthcare for better patient care.

A Field Of Growth

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have a growing need for business professionals with the skills to manage operations, develop market opportunities, find innovative business approaches, and improve healthcare outcomes through data analysis. And with the explosion of Big Data in research and healthcare, there is high job growth potential within bioinformatics, genomics, and personalized medicine. From hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to medical research and medical entrepreneurs, there are countless business opportunities grounded in the health sciences.


The healthcare leaders of tomorrow must have the medical and scientific knowledge to navigate the complex business problems of an ever-evolving industry Depending on the program, graduates are prepared for careers as a marketer, salesperson, executive, analyst, bioinformatics scientist/engineer, researcher, genomics scientist, programmer, data scientist, consultant, or educator/lecturer within organizations such as hospitals, healthcare consulting firms, genomics startups, universities, public health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and information technology companies.

General Education Curriculum

The MCPHS General Education curriculum provides the educational foundation for degree programs and helps students to develop the following essential skills and competencies: critical thinking based on concepts and information from a broad spectrum of disciplines, effective oral and written communication, and engaged and responsible citizenship. The curriculum prepares students to contribute to their professions and society and to engage in a lifetime of personal and professional growth.

School of Arts and Sciences


Through teaching, scholarship, and service, the faculty of the School:

  • provide a broad academic foundation in the Arts and Sciences to all MCPHS students,
  • provide depth and breadth in the academic and professional training of students in Arts and Sciences programs,
  • actively participate in and contribute to the scholarly disciplines in the Arts and Sciences, and
  • contribute to the University’s mission in the broader academic and professional communities.


The Mission of the School of Arts and Sciences is to embody and promote the core values defined in the 2015 University Strategic Plan through:

  • scholarship that creates knowledge, pedagogies, integration and engagement in the disciplines represented by the Arts and Sciences faculty,
  • interdisciplinary and inter-professional initiatives and collaborations among Arts and Sciences faculty and in concert with other School faculties to produce scholarship and public service,
  • implementation of a core curriculum that integrates the basic sciences and liberal arts with professional studies,
  • commitment to and promotion of the values of general education and development of the whole person,
  • cultivation of knowledge, reasoning skills, and values that prepare students for lifelong learning,
  • development and application of learner-centered curriculum designs and teaching strategies,
  • assessment that systematically collects and uses data for curricular review and continuous improvement,
  • service to the School, University, and professional communities, and
  • collaboration with Student Affairs staff in the development and implementation of co-curricular programs.