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Minor Concentrations

Students in MCPHS University baccalaureate and first professional degree programs have the option of adding a minor concentration to their course of study in one of these areas:

Offers students an opportunity to form a coherent body of knowledge in the study of American culture through liberal arts electives in behavioral science, literature, history, and social science.

The Biology minor provides an opportunity for additional and advanced level study in the biological sciences. The minor will prepare students for post-graduate study in biological and medical sciences and will provide an optional biology concentration.

Offers students an opportunity to develop more in-depth knowledge of chemistry.

The Gerontology minor seeks to (1) encourage students to develop an understanding of the complex meaning of aging, (2) provide students with a foundational understanding of the impact that an increasingly aging population will have on society, particularly the healthcare system, and (3) prepare students for clinical fields that involve care for older adults.

The Health Humanities minor provides a coordinated curriculum of study that emphasizes the relevance of humanistic perspectives to illness experiences and the healthcare professions. Students must earn a minimum of 15 semester hours.

Offers a solid foundation in the theories, approaches, and methods of psychology related to healthcare and provides preparation for careers in a variety of mental health settings.

As good nutrition is a foundation of health, MCPHS students may minor in Nutrition. This minor course of study will support all undergraduate programs at MCPHS as an enriching educational experience to study nutrition from a biopsychosocial perspective. It is interdisciplinary by design. It will provide a foundation in nutrition, especially for students who desire more knowledge in the field before deciding whether to pursue nutrition through graduate study and/or professional development further.

The Colleges of the Fenway minor in Performing Arts integrates performing experiences with classroom study of the performing arts: dance, music, theater, and performance art. The minor includes study, observation, and practice of the performing arts. It consists of Introduction to Performing Arts; three discipline-specific courses (dance, music, and theater); and one upper-level course, as well as three semesters of an approved performance ensemble.

Offers a solid preparation for entrance into medical, dental, optometry, podiatry, or veterinary schools, or advanced study in physician assistant studies, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. Students may select appropriate electives to tailor their preparation for a specific health profession. Students may opt to participate in research in a laboratory or clinical setting, thereby strengthening their candidacy. The MCPHS University Pre-Health Professions Advisory Board provides support, advice, and guidance for all MCPHS University students considering an application to an advanced professional degree program.

The Public Health minor provides a coherent curriculum in the foundational areas of public health: the population health perspective, biostatistics, and epidemiology. Students choose additional studies in public health areas of their interest (e.g., health promotion, community health, medical anthropology, health policy, or environmental health). The minor provides a complimentary area of study for majors in Health Psychology, Medical, and Molecular Biology, and Premedical and Health Studies. It is available to other programs with general elective options.

The Colleges of the Fenway minor in Sustainability encourages students outside of environmental science to explore the connections of their career-directed studies to the linked issues of the natural world, finite resources, and social justice. The minor is purposely designed for the breadth of coverage with the intent for the student to explore various dimensions of sustainability that will inform their view of their major. The selection of specific courses within the minor is meant to be undertaken in consultation with the student's major advisor or another faculty member interested in sustainability issues.

The interdisciplinary Women's and Gender Studies minor presents students with an understanding of gender across disciplines, maximizing the School's strengths in the social sciences, health and behavioral sciences, public health, biology, and the humanities. Women and men experience the world differently because socially constructed gender roles determine their spheres of influence, expectations for behavior, and health issues. Since MCPHS students are trained for occupations in healthcare fields, understanding the influence of gender in women's and men's lives is particularly relevant to their education.