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Minor Concentrations

Minor Concentrations

Students in MCPHS University baccalaureate and first professional degree programs have the option of adding a minor concentration to their course of study in one of these areas:

American Studies Minor Concentration

Offers students an opportunity to form a coherent body of knowledge in the study of American culture through liberal arts electives in behavioral science, literature, history, and social science.

Biology Minor Concentration

The Biology minor provides an opportunity for additional and advanced level study in the biological sciences. The minor will prepare students for post-graduate study in biological and medical sciences and will provide an optional biology concentration.

Chemistry Minor Concentration

Offers students an opportunity to develop more in-depth knowledge of chemistry.

Health Psychology Minor Concentration

Offers a solid foundation in the theories, approaches, and methods of psychology as they relate to healthcare and provides preparation for careers in a variety of mental health settings.

Medical Humanities Minor Concentration

Provides a coordinated curriculum of study that emphasizes the relevance of humanistic perspectives to illness experiences and the healthcare professions. Students learn the value of historical, cultural, social, philosophical, and literary approaches to illness and healthcare experiences, and develop knowledge in the humanities.

Premedical Minor Concentration

Offers a solid preparation for entrance into medical, dental, optometry, podiatry, or veterinary schools, or advanced study in physician assistant studies, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. Students may select appropriate electives to tailor their preparation for a specific health profession. Students may opt to participate in research in a laboratory or clinical setting, thereby strengthening their candidacy. The MCPHS University Pre-Health Professions Advisory Board provides support, advice, and guidance for all MCPHS University students who are considering application to an advanced professional degree program.