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As a mammographer, you will use x-ray technology to assist in in the early detection of breast cancer and other breast diseases—a role that makes you an invaluable member of the healthcare team. Breast imaging is a multidisciplinary modality, involving close communication and collaboration between mammographers, sonographers, radiologists, nurses, patient navigators, and breast surgeons. Mammography is also a highly regulated field, requiring knowledge of and compliance with all aspects of the FDA’s Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

With certification in mammography, you’ll be qualified to work in a variety of environments, including hospital radiology departments and out-patient ambulatory centers. You will have the knowledge and clinical skills required to safely acquire digital screening and diagnostic mammograms, as well as to assist with breast biopsies and other minimally invasive procedures. As a mammographer, you will help ensure that patients feel calm and comforted throughout a deeply personal examination.


Advanced Certificate in Mammography

Cynthia Spencer

MCPHS Adjunct Faculty Cynthia Spencer details her professional experience in mammography, the future of the discipline, and the type of professional who would benefit most from obtaining this Advanced Certificate.

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