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Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Enter a field of exciting careers.

MCPHS prepares PharmD students to succeed in a variety of rewarding pharmacy careers. The profession is expanding far beyond the retail counter: pharmacists not only prepare and dispense life-saving medications but also play an ever-expanding role in clinical care. They can also develop drugs, help shape health policy, and even prepare medical kits for travel to space. Whatever your pharmacy career goals, the PharmD field at MCPHS will provide you with world-class, interprofessional learning to position you for success.

Become a highly skilled pharmacy professional.

MCPHS offers different pathways to your PharmD, whether you want to start your bachelor’s degree here or earn your doctorate online while you work.

Located in Boston, MA, the Direct Entry PharmD program includes a two-year preprofessional phase followed by a four-year professional phase. You’ll gain hands-on clinical experience, and as a student living in Boston, you'll be surrounded by an urban cityscape filled with top-tier healthcare and scientific institutions.

Offered on our Worcester and Manchester campuses, our year-round, three-year Accelerated PharmD program provides students who’ve completed prerequisites the opportunity to start practicing ahead of their peers.

Though the Worcester and Manchester programs follow an identical curriculum, their distinct locations provide unique environments for students to live and learn. Situated in the heart of the second-largest city in Massachusetts, the MCPHS–Worcester campus offers an energetic culture and rich history, and incredible housing options dot the campus. The Manchester, New Hampshire campus affords students unmatched access to New England's natural wonders, and the smaller cohort produces a strong sense of community in an intimate learning environment.

Want to earn your PharmD while you work? MCPHS offers a part-time online program for practicing. Most experiential work can be fulfilled through the student’s current work site.

Please explore our program options to find the PharmD path that’s best for you.


Alumni Spotlight: Carlos Randulfe, PharmD

Headshot of Carlos Randulfe.

Carlos hopes to effect positive change as a health services administrator in the Army Reserves.


Career Pathways for Pharmacists

Female pharmacist working with dog and dog's owner in pharmacy.

Career opportunities in pharmacy extend far beyond the retail counter.