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Prerequisite Courses Student Testimonials

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"The flexibility was perfect for me. Rather than taking a class where everything was due on Sunday night, I was able to fit my studies exactly to my schedule, which changed on a weekly basis."

— Kevin, Anatomy & Physiology I


"The online, self-paced format was a perfect fit for me while working a full time job. I believe that the length of time to complete the course was adequate and the resources provided were very helpful."

— Christina, Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture and Lab


"I found that the lectures by the professor were thorough and pertinent to my learning experience. The professor was accessible when I had questions or concerns and they treated me with dignity and respect."

- Elizabeth, Anatomy and Physiology I


"I really enjoyed the flexibility of having the opportunity to complete assignments as quickly as I wanted. Also, the professor was very responsive whenever I had a question."

— Tori, Calculus I


MCPHS Student Nicole

"I loved this class and had so much ease with it because of the thoroughness."

— Nicole, Cellular Biochemistry


"I really enjoy the online, self-paced format of the courses because I can establish my own timeline and spend either more or less time on particular areas."

— Megan, Medical Terminology


"From admissions to professors everyone was professional, friendly, and exceeded all expectations. MCPHS is the perfect place for anyone completing PA prerequisites!"

— Jeff, Medical Terminology


"I chose MCPHS because I heard from friends that the quality of classes was high and that I would walk away actually learning something. I knew the self-paced nature of the course would easily fit in my schedule and I felt so supported when I reached out for more information."

— Kristin, Microbiology Lecture and Lab


"I had a great experience with the online, self-paced format. The lectures and labs were easy to access and the professor was always available to answer my questions via email."

— Olivia, Microbiology Lecture and Lab


"This was the first time I have ever taken an online self-paced course. It was very convenient and worked well with my timeline. You still learn everything you had to, but at your own pace and convenience."

— Sendy, Statistics


Questions about our self-paced and on-campus prerequisite courses? Connect with the School of Professional Studies at or 339.236.2605.
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