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Transition Programs for International Students

We offer four programs designed to help international students transition into life at MCPHS.

Early Start Program

International students may find that living and learning in the United States is a little different than living and learning in their home country. The Early Start Program, designed for freshmen and transfer students who are coming to study in the U.S. for the first time, strives to help make the transition to life in the United States a bit easier.

Graduate Studies Summer Program

Unlike many international pharmacy degree programs outside of North America, United States pharmacy programs include liberal arts courses. As a result, students who earned an undergraduate degree internationally may be missing the liberal arts courses required for entry into the MCPHS Doctor of Pharmacy program. The Graduate Studies Summer program allows students to satisfy these liberal arts requirements by taking a short 10-week summer session.

Academic Bridge Program

The Academic Bridge Program provides students with a full-time, structured transition to the University's curriculum by allowing them to start their degree while simultaneously strengthening their English proficiency through a focus on science- and health-related language-learning materials.

  • Content of the program is focused on medical and healthcare vocabulary, scientific research, and professional communication. You will receive continuous feedback and coaching, and the course will be adjusted based on your performance level.
  • Students work closely with MCPHS professors who use the latest linguistic methods and teaching techniques to challenge you and help you harness the professional language skills you need to succeed.

Accelerated Pharmacy Program

Students interested in our Accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy degree, but missing many pre-requisites, have the opportunity of coming to Boston for one year to fulfil their required coursework while they strengthen their scientific and language skills, meet faculty from the Doctoral program, receive assistance in the application process, and participate in communication coaching for their admission interview.