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Academic Bridge Program

Who is it for?

The Academic Bridge Program at MCPHS is for first year students who have scored between a 69 and 79 (or equivalent) on the TOEFL. These students are academically admissible to our degree programs, but their English proficiency is not yet sufficient to be comfortable in university-level classes.

What is it?

The Academic Bridge Program provides students with a full-time, structured transition to university curriculum by allowing them to take courses with their degree classmates, and earn credits toward their degree. Students in the program start their degree programs right away and at the same time strengthen their English proficiency through a focus on science- and health-related learning materials.

How does it work?

In the Academic Bridge Program, first-year students are conditionally accepted into their undergraduate degree. The program curriculum includes two academic classes from the student’s major, a Bridge class and two English for Healthcare classes which develop students’ ability to succeed in their science- and health-related courses as well as prepare for communication in the healthcare industry.

Students in the Academic Bridge Program use their first semester to take full-time, full-credit academic courses and a “Bridge” class. The instructors who teach the Bridge class are instructors of English who use the lectures and textbooks from the student’s academic classes. In this way, students develop academic skills such as critical reading of course materials, academic writing, note-taking, test-taking, and study strategies. This Bridge class is designed to give students an easier transition into the American classroom and a better chance at a higher GPA in their academic program.

Students also attend English for Healthcare classes in which they learn from materials that highlight current issues and trends in the healthcare professions and are immersed in topics relevant to their majors. They are allowed opportunities to practice their English in the context of the healthcare field and give oral presentations in a healthcare context.

In addition to these courses, Academic Bridge students are offered an ‘Introduction to the Major’ seminar. In this foundation course, students learn about their major, their future profession, and campus resources. Practical learning opportunities are also provided to students to enhance their understanding of their field of study and practice communication and research skills with other students in their major.

What are English classes in the academic bridge program like?

Students in the program can expect:

  • Innovative classes and learning methods
  • Extensive opportunities to practice and improve their English language skills
  • Challenging critical thinking and logic exercises
  • Immersive English language experience in the health sciences fields

What qualifications do the program's instructors have?

All Bridge and English Language instructors have a minimum of a master’s degree in TESOL or Applied Linguistics and have significant experience working with a variety of nationalities, so they understand the needs of students who are away from home.

What other services are provided in the academic bridge program?

In addition to the Academic Bridge curriculum students have access to all academic and student support resources at MCPHS, including:

  • Academic tutoring and peer mentoring
  • English language tutoring and support workshops
  • Involvement in student clubs and organizations
  • Access to the Writing Center
  • An International Academic Advisor

How are classes in the degree program integrated in to the academic bridge program?

In the Academic Bridge Program, courses toward an MCPHS degree program are integrated into a student’s schedule. These classes depend on the academic program that the student pursues afterward.

How do students progress in to full-time degree programs?

Students must succeed in all Bridge classes, score sufficiently in language proficiency exams, and be approved by an academic committee to enter academic programs full-time. Most students progress into full-time academic studies after one semester in the Academic Bridge Program, but a second semester may be necessary.

What is the tuition per semester for the academic bridge program?

Tuition per semester in the Academic Bridge Program is the same as the academic program into which the student is conditionally admitted. For an accelerated program, Bridge tuition is equal to the first year of a regular Bachelor of Science. For more detailed tuition information see our tuition and fees page.

What are the English language proficiency requirements?

Test Name Bridge Admission Undergraduate Admission Graduate Admission
(non-lab-based programs)
Graduate Admission
(lab-based programs)

MCPHS on-campus EPE

























SAT (ERW Section)


ACT (English Section)


PTE Academic





OSSLT (Required for Ontario high school students only)


  • Any applicant with four or more years of successful academic study from an accredited program taught in English may be exempt from submitting a language proficiency test.
  • The CAPPS programs and all MS and PhD programs in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry require a higher English proficiency level (90 TOEFL or equivalent).
  • Register here for the MCPHS on-campus English Proficiency Exam. Please note: You may only sit for this exam twice every three months.
  • A completion certificate for cited levels, provided to MCPHS by the ESL school, can be submitted in place of a language proficiency test score. MCPHS has agreements with area ESL schools. Please contact us for more information.

When does the academic bridge program start?

The program has entry dates in September, January, and May for most programs. However, some programs only allow one entry date. Email to learn more.