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Request BEH.250O.O Health Psychology 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Request BEH.250O.O2 Health Psychology 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Request BEH.250O.O3 Health Psychology 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Request BEH.350O.O Abnormal Psychology 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Request BEH.351O.O Social Psychology 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Request BEH.352O.O Human Dev. Through Life Cycle 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Request BEH.356O.O Gender Roles 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Add BIO.110O.O Anatomy and Physiology I 3.00OpenUG2017FA
Add BIO.110O.PHCB Anatomy and Physiology I 3.00OpenUG2017FA
Add BIO.110OL.1 Anatomy and Physiology I-Lab 1.00OpenUG2017FA
Request BIO.321O.O Nutrition Science 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Add BIO.321O.O2 Nutrition Science 3.00OpenUG2017FA
Request BIO.345O.O Exercise Physiology 3.00ClosedUG2017FA
Request BIO.345OL.1 Exercise Physiology Lab 1.00ClosedUG2017FA
Add CHE.110O.O Basic Chemistry I 4.00OpenUG2017FA
Add DRA.802.O Law & Hlth Pol Drug/Devices 3.00OpenGR2017FA
Add DRA.804.O FDA Regs & Policy I 3.00OpenGR2017FA
Request DRA.807.O Stats in Clinical Research 3.00ClosedGR2017FA
Add DRA.808.O Protect Human Research Sub 3.00OpenGR2017FA
Request DRA.809.O Health Epidemiology 3.00ClosedGR2017FA
Add DRA.812.O Advanced Topics in RA 3.00OpenGR2017FA
Add DRA.814.O Data Analysis & Pres Cap RA 3.00OpenGR2017FA
Add DRA.815.O Int'l Regulatory Affairs 3.00OpenGR2017FA
Add DRA.816.O Princ. of Qual. Assur. & Ctrl. 3.00OpenGR2017FA
Add DRA.818.O Law of Healthcare Compliance 3.00OpenGR2017FA