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Welcome from MCPHS Orientation!

As you prepare for your student to begin their first semester at MCPHS, we have prepared for you, your very own Orientation program. MCPHS Connect, our Orientation program, is a virtual experience that connects you to the University. You’ll learn more about the resources and tools available on the university campus to help with your student’s success at MCPHS!

Designed for families and guests who have students starting in Spring 2022, Orientation starts with a virtual kick-off program. More details to follow.

Families and guests will have access to MCPHS Connect to engage in activities and learn more about MCPHS. Check back later for complete access!

Our Orientation program is all about connecting you to the University and other family and guest members. Subscribe to our Family and Guest Orientation Newsletter to learn more about what’s happening around campus and meet other community members.