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Live from MCPHS: First-Year Accepted Student Opportunities

You’re in! Now it’s time to celebrate and learn more about your new home away from home. Join us for our Accepted Student Week, weekly presentations, and opportunities to connect with our Admission and Financial Aid staff.

Accepted Student On-Demand Video Platform

How to navigate the video platform.

All events on this page are intended for the incoming first-year and transfer audience. If you are an incoming graduate student, your engagement opportunities are listed on the main Accepted Boston page.

Accepted Student Week

Join MCPHS April 6-8 at 6 p.m EST to learn more about why #HealthcareStartsHere! Dive into your major, hear from faculty on what makes MCPHS the right university, and chat live with students, alumni, faculty, and Admission staff.

No registration is required.

Students and their families will receive a personalized link to access the virtual event platform the day of the events. The platform can also be accessed through our weekly events (see next section) and email notifications.

How to navigate the video platform.

Accepted Student Week Schedule

6-6:40 pm: Faculty Forum: What Makes MCPHS the Right University?

In this session, you’ll hear from esteemed faculty members on what makes MCPHS the right university for you, what MCPHS can offer, and how faculty works with you to accomplish your goals. A live chat with Admission staff and current students will run concurrently.

6:40-7 pm: Majors Spotlight

Learn more about the major you’ll join at MCPHS. An overview of the programs, accomplishments of faculty you will learn from, and career opportunities will be discussed. A live chat with Admission staff and current students will run concurrently.

7-8 pm: Academic Experience On Demand

Stick around and watch our on-demand content! Learn more about what current students are doing through their internships/clinicals, details on studying abroad, and glimpses of our labs. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to talk directly to faculty in a live chat. (Can’t stick around for this hour? Come back in whenever you’d like to view the on-demand content, but you’ll miss out on the faculty live chat.)

6-6:30 pm: Residential Life at MCPHS

Learn more about your new home away from home. In this session, you’ll learn more about available first-year residence halls, amenities, and activities that take place. We will review residence life as it has been historically, but it is not yet clear how the COVID-19 pandemic may impact fall 2021. 

6:30-7 pm: Student Panel

Live from MCPHS, MCPHS students will relate their experiences about… whatever you want! Our students will share their experiences to help you better gauge the community you will join. Have questions you'd like answered by the student panelists? You'll have an opportunity to leave questions for current students to answer—check back soon for a link to begin submitting questions and voting on what you'd like to hear about.

BONUS PRESENTATION! 7-7:30 pm: Families Panel

A special bonus presentation on this day hosts families of current MCPHS students. You’ll hear about their personal experiences watching their student embark on their MCPHS journey. Families will also share tips and tricks on how to best support students. (While this session is geared to families, students will also get a lot out, so it is recommended you watch it—plus, you’ll get a better understanding of how emotional it is for your family members to see go to college!)

7-8 pm: Student Life On Demand

There’s plenty more to learn about your experience at MCPHS! During this hour, current students will be available in a live chat to tell you about their experiences, and you’ll also be able to see more information on each residence hall, diversity and inclusion, your first-year experience, and more. (Can’t stick around for this hour? You can return at in the next few days to review the Student Life on Demand offerings.)

6-6:30 pm: Financial Aid and Affording a College Education

In this presentation, you’ll hear from our Student Financial Services office, which helps manage your financial aid, scholarships, and payments. Attend to hear about ways to effectively afford a college education, learn about different aid options, and more.

6:30-7 pm: Alum Panel

Our alumni are extremely successful—they’re spread around the world making an impact in the lives of their patients. Join this live panel to hear what they’re up to, the kind of careers you could pursue, and how MCPHS helped them accomplish their dreams. Have questions you'd like answered by the alumni panelists? You'll have an opportunity to leave questions for current students to answer—check back soon for a link to begin submitting questions and voting on what you'd like to hear about.

7-8 pm: Affordability and Outcomes On Demand

Financial affordability, and what you can do with your degree, are critical components of your college education. In this hour, you’ll chat live with MCPHS alumni to learn more about their experiences. You’ll also be able to review alumni experiences in pathway programs, career outcomes, and details on how to afford college. (While alumni will only be available to chat during this time, you can view the on-demand content through the weekend if you can’t stay.)

Affordability Appointments

MCPHS is committed to assisting you and your families in developing a financial plan that works. Personalized affordability appointments to review your aid package, discuss financing options, and all things related to college affordability are available.

First-Year Affordability AppointmentTransfer Affordability Appointment

1:1 Admission Counselor Appointments

Talk one-on-one with an Admission counselor. You'll receive personalized attention to your specific needs, get all your questions answered, and learn additional details that will support of your college decision.

First-Year Counselor Appointment Transfer Counselor Appointment

Join our Student-Led Virtual Tour

Offered multiple times a week, see all that MCPHS Boston has to offer, and hear directly from a current MCPHS student. This student-led exploration of the virtual tour showcases academic labs, campus buildings, and student spaces.

10:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. 6 p.m. 12 p.m.