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How to Navigate the Video Platform

The above video was originally designed for Boston accepted first-year students, but the navigation instructions can also apply to students accepted to MCPHS programs located on the Worcester and Manchester campuses.

Use your personalized Q-Token delivered via e-mail to land on our home page inside the platform. (If you have trouble finding your personalized link, contact us.)

Home Page

  • Top Bar: Give us a follow on social media to stay updated on information related to your admission to MCPHS! We also have our email address listed in case you need to message us.
  • Upcoming/Live Today: Upcoming events are listed under the top bar. At the start time of a presentation, click on the tile to be brought into the presentation.
  • Learn More: We have multiple topics broken out into “subpages.” These subpages will drop you into a new page with videos, links, and more information on the specific topic. For example, click on the “Student Life” subpage to see videos and links related to the vibrant community you’ll be joining.
  • Watch Presentations: Under all the subpages is general access to our on-demand video library. The subpages have these same videos but broken up by topic.


  • Top Bar: In the upper left corner is a link to the homepage. Click this anytime you would like to back out of the subpage and browse other sessions and topics.
  • Subpage Bar: The topic of the subpage appears in this bar, along with a link to make your enrollment deposit. This link takes you to our page just for accepted students, which has a lot of useful resources.
  • Main Video: This section houses the featured video that may autoplay depending on your browser settings. This is also the section where presentations will play when scheduled. If you do not see the presentation at the scheduled time, please refresh the page.
  • Live Chat: When available, a live chat will pop up on the right of the screen if you are on a desktop. If you’re on mobile, you can toggle between watching the presentation and participating in the live chat. The live chat is public for all, but you can always request to enter a private chat room with one of our Admission counselors or current students.
  • More Videos: This section houses all of our on-demand video content. Be sure to click the right-hand arrow just to the right of the last-listed video to see all the others—we have many beyond the initial first four displayed.
  • Information: Below the More Videos section, you’ll find lots of details about the topic. Some documents are available for you to download and view, while we also include links to schedule appointments, and additional resources to learn more about the topic in question.

Enter our video platform at any time: these resources are available 24/7 as you consider your decision to enroll at MCPHS!