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RA’s Share Tips for Move In Day

Move In Day on our Boston campus is a day filled with activity and excitement. It's the day that we welcome incoming students to their new home away from home, and many of our students (and their families!) make memories to last a lifetime.

As you prepare for Move In Day, there's a lot to think about. We sat down with two of our RA's, Alicia Tran and Alessandro Cavaliere, to hear their expert advice for Move In Day.

What was your Move In Day like as a freshman?

Alessandro: As a freshman, I moved into the 8th floor of the Treehouse in late August. I remember saying bye to my parents mid-afternoon after getting lunch in the Fenway area and immediately meeting up with people in Treehouse I had met on the Facebook page.

Alicia: I was so excited to move from the West Coast to the East Coast. I had never visited the school before, so it was a great experience. It was so great meeting one of my RAs, Christina. She made me feel so welcome and introduced me and my dad to a great place for lunch, Il Mondo [a local pizzeria].

Alessandro: I was so excited to be a part of this new community and meet new friends. Then later that evening we had our first floor meeting and I met all of my floor mates, followed by attending a performance by a hypnotist.

Alicia: That day, I met two of my friends who are now like my brothers. They knocked on my door to invite me to the ice-cream social event in the lounge for new students. It was so exciting meeting new people, from my admission counselor to current MCPHS students!

What is your biggest piece of advice for new students who are moving into the residence halls?

Alessandro: Stay open-minded. There is nothing worse than going into a residence hall as a college freshman at a new university and having a bad attitude. Connect with other students in your class and start a group page for those in your academic major, reach out to peers that might live in your high school area, look forward to orientation, etc.

Alicia: Make the most of living in a residence hall! Use this opportunity to meet new people. It is to the utmost importance that there is respect, open communication, and considerate actions between you and your roommates. Use living in a residence hall to meet new people and make sure to always reach out to your RA, because the RAs are there to help you transition into the college life.

What should students definitely bring with them for Move In Day?

Alessandro: Students should definitely bring cherished momentos and photos. Although we, as RA's, build a new home for you here at MCPHS in the residence halls, it is important to remember loved ones and friends from back home and stay connected with them too. Almost every college student has some visual display of photos, scrapbooks, high school yearbooks and framed photos in their room.

Alicia: I agree! I loved having pictures of my high school friends and family from back home. I also loved hanging my track awards and cards from my friends and teammates. Whenever I felt unmotivated, looking at great memories and remembering the people who are cheering for me back home in California helped motivate me.

What if a student realizes they need some items after move in? Where do you recommend they go shopping, if they are new to the city?

Alessandro: A few years ago, we were fortunate enough to get a brand new City Target in the Fenway neighborhood! It is my absolute favorite store to go to, whether it's for dorm décor, food and snacks, gifts, or program supplies, simply because it's so convenient to access. This store is about a ten minute walk into the Fenway neighborhood and many of my residents, especially those who fly from other countries or the west coast, went here during their first few days of move in.

Alicia: I definitely recommend going to Bed, Bath and Beyond and the City Target. Both are walking distance and have may college-friendly items!

What is your advice for a new, incoming student who is nervous about moving away from home for the first time?

Alicia: Always remember that there are people here at MCPHS to support you, from the Resident Assistants and Counseling Services, to the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE). Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, whether it be from your RA or your Chemistry professor!

Alessandro: Adjusting to college can be a tough time for some people, but the more people you meet and the stronger relationships you build on campus, the more at home you will feel. Step out of the your comfort zone and challenge yourself to meet new people, try new foods, and go on adventures!

Alicia: Also, get involved! The more you get involved, the more you will experience what MCPHS has to offer.