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Top 10 Reasons to Choose MCPHS

There are too many reasons to count, but here are ten of our very favorite reasons to choose Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS).

1) Top earners

Our students go on to successful and meaningful careers in the health sciences. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard, our students are the #1 top earners in New England and the #3 earners in the nation a decade after enrolling. That’s why we have been ranked the #1 university in the U.S. for earning power by the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education 2018 college rankings.

2) Location, location, location

We are proud to call the Longwood Medical and Academic Area home. Our students live and learn in the heart of healthcare in the city of Boston, and they enjoy all of the benefits that come with our prime location. Just steps away from our campus are Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Children's Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. These are just a few of the top-ranked institutions where our students take advantage of clinical rotations, internships, and research opportunities.

3) Convenient residential housing options

We know that students are most successful when they discover their "home-away-from-home", which is why our residential housing options are designed with student success and comfort in mind. Housing options range from apartment-style living to suites, and are either located right on campus or a conveniently short walk away from campus.

4) A totally immersive healthcare environment

Take a walk through the hallways of our Boston campus, and you'll be fully immersed in an environment totally dedicated to health sciences education and the healthcare industry. Future nurses study alongside biology students in our library, PA faculty connect with dental hygiene students at our annual Oral Health Fair, and premedical and health studies students collaborate with future public health professionals through extra-curricular organizations. It's all happening at MCPHS, where a passion for health sciences is part of our DNA.

5) Clinical placements, research opportunities, and internships

Because of our long-standing partnerships with premier healthcare institutions, our students take advantage of invaluable clinical, research, and internship opportunities that are unavailable to students at other schools. That means that our students are gaining hands-on experience, making connections, and learning from leaders in their field at some of the most respected healthcare institutions in the world.

6) Interprofessional Collaboration

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is at the heart of the integrated care models deployed across today’s healthcare system, and is at the core of the training featured in our laboratories, classrooms, and simulations. Faculty and students engage in interprofessional educational experiences in a supportive and stimulating learning environment designed to advance their individual knowledge and spark healthcare innovation.

7) Healthcare is one of the fastest growing fields in the nation

One in three new jobs created through 2026 will be in healthcare. We've identified a demand for passionate and skilled healthcare leaders, and we are proud to offer programs that prepare students to meet that demand.

8) Dedicated teaching faculty

Our fulltime faculty are accomplished leaders in their fields and they are committed to helping their students succeed by focusing on teaching. They're fellows of national academies, editors of medical journals, contributors to universal textbooks, investigators on federally funded research projects, and business leaders. But above all, they are mentors to our students.

9) State-of-the-art facilities, academic spaces, and equipment

MCPHS students become exceptional healthcare professionals by learning practical skills in modern laboratories, clinics, and simulations. For example, our pharmacy lab is an actual licensed pharmacy, and our sonography lab offers 17 ultrasound units equipped with advanced 3D/4D imaging equipment. Our students practice on the same equipment they will go on to use in their future career.

10) Community

From your local pharmacy to emergency rooms, physician's offices to research institutions, you will discover that the MCPHS community reaches far beyond our physical campuses in Boston, Worcester, and Manchester, NH. In fact, our 30,000-plus alumni work in virtually every sector of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries throughout the world.