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Residence Halls

We are excited to welcome you to the MCPHS community and are working hard to prepare for your arrival. You have chosen to become a member of the residential community, one in which we strive to look out for, learn from, and care for one another.

Please check back regularly as we'll post the latest information here. If you have additional questions, please reach out to:

Will MCPHS residence halls be open this Fall?

Yes. Intensive efforts are underway to ensure each of our campuses provides the safest possible environment for students, faculty, and staff. We are evaluating new protocols around dining facilities, residence halls, and building ventilation. We are working on new hygiene procedures, sterilization standards, and PPE distribution. Crucially, we will employ COVID-19 contact tracing procedures and obtain sufficient screening and testing supplies.

Will I need to wear a mask in my suite or apartment?

Residence hall rooms in a suite or apartment create a "Unit". Members of each Unit will be encouraged to physically distance as much as possible in their shared space but are not required to wear masks within their room, apartment, or suite.

What about common residence hall spaces?

Students must practice physical distancing throughout common areas in residence halls, including designated study spaces, common areas/lounges, laundry rooms, elevators, hallways, and shared floor bathrooms (where applicable).

Masks must be worn outside of individual student rooms and suites except for eating and showering or grooming. This includes all common areas of the residence halls.

Some space amenities, such as shared kitchens, gyms, and small common spaces, may be closed or limited in usage as CDC guidance and social distancing best practices dictate.

What is the plan for Move-In Day?

To accommodate physical distancing during move-in, the University plans to execute move-in over multiple days and use an appointment system to assign move-in times. Dates and times will be forthcoming as we coordinate with our campus partners and make room assignments.

  • Students may bring only one additional individual to assist with the move-in process.
  • We encourage students to limit the number of belongings they bring on move-in day to alleviate traffic during move-in and to support a clean environment within their living space.
  • Students will be only allowed to move in during their assigned time slots.

I am coming to MCPHS from outside of Massachusetts. Do I need to self-quarantine for 14 days?

Yes, for most states and all countries. However, the governor of Massachusetts has waived the self-quarantine directive for travelers coming from the nearby states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

We suggest that you check this website regularly. Guidance regarding quarantining may change at any time based on recommendations from the state and federal government, and the CDC.

I am not coming from one of the states with a quarantine waiver and need to self-quarantine. What do I do?

Our hope is that students will have the ability to come to Massachusetts two weeks before the start of the semester and quarantine with family, friends, or in a hotel. However, we recognize that this may be a challenge for some and encourage those students to contact the office of Residence Life directly if these are not an option:

We suggest that you check this website regularly. Guidance regarding quarantining may change at any time based on recommendations from the state and federal government, and the CDC.

What happens if someone in my residence hall tests positive for COVID-19?

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, has been in contact with a positive case, or has symptoms, they will be asked to quarantine or isolate. If they are unable to travel home, they will be moved to a designated room for isolation. Students residing in a Unit with someone who requires isolation or quarantine may also be asked to quarantine to mitigate any further spread.

Can I have guests visit?

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, it is necessary to limit contact between people, particularly in the residence halls. Accordingly, guests will not be allowed in any residence hall. Only students who reside in each hall will have access to that hall. Residential students will not be allowed to visit a residence hall in which they do not reside.

Can I travel outside the state or country?

Throughout the Fall semester, we strongly advise students to refrain from extended personal travel until the Fall semester concludes.

What else do I need to do to secure my place in a residence hall?

We will be asking students to sign an updated portion of our Housing Contract prior to finalizing housing assignments and individual move-in details. Please look for future communication regarding that process.

What if I have changed my mind and no longer want to live in residential housing?

If your plans have changed and you are not planning on housing with us, please reach out to the appropriate office. If you request to no longer live on campus, your housing deposit will be credited to your Fall 2020 bill.