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COVID-19 Vaccination Training

Is MCPHS training individuals to administer COVID-19 vaccinations?

Yes. A number of MCPHS Community members are certified to administer COVID-19 vaccinations, and we are in the process of ramping up additional COVID-19 vaccination training programs across all three campuses to certify more of our students, alumni, and external pharmacy technicians to increase the pool of available COVID-19 vaccinators.

I am a student. Can I be trained to administer the COVID-19 vaccines?

Several MCPHS health profession programs include vaccination training as part of their curriculum. Please check with your dean or program director on the availability of training programs for your program.

What are the details of the pharmacy technician vaccination training program?

In accordance with Massachusetts state guidelines, pharmacy technicians who complete vaccination administration training will be qualified to administer COVID-19 vaccinations. As part of a concerted effort to increase the number of individuals qualified to administer COVID-19 vaccines, MCPHS has partnered with the American Pharmacists Association to train pharmacy technicians in Massachusetts in the administration of vaccinations. Composed of an online self-study component combined with a live seminar that teaches hands-on immunization techniques, this program will provide a total of six hours of continuing education for technicians. Full details and program information can be found here.

Flexplan 2021

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Our plan for the safe reopening in the spring.

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