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Interim Campus Visitation Policy

With limited exceptions, campus visitors, including contractors and vendors, are not permitted to access any MCPHS facility. All entry doors to our facilities will be secured.

On the Worcester and Manchester campus locations, all exceptions need to be approved by either Seth Wall, Anna Morin, Sue Gorman, Jessica Morris, or Linda Brown.

On the Boston campus location, all exceptions need to be approved by Rick Lessard, Caroline Zeind, Jacinda Félix Haro, or Kevin Dolan.

Any guests who are deemed allowable exceptions need to fill out a health questionnaire upon entry to the facility.

Vendors and outside contractors will only be allowed on campus on an emergency basis. In-house essential contracted staff will be scaled back to meet basic needs and will be required to complete a health questionnaire daily.

On the Boston and Worcester campus, there will be some limited exceptions for Graduate Students who are conducting federally funded research with animals and cell cultures who will need access to lab areas or the animal facility only. They will have limited access to these areas, in very small numbers (i.e. less than 5 at a time). A list of these graduate students will be provided to Public Safety and they must fill out a health questionnaire each time they visit.

Campus Visitor Screening Questionnaire

Student Screening Questionnaire