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Amanda Robinson

This month, Robinson starts an exciting new chapter in her academic career at MCPHS: advanced pharmacy practice placements at some of the area’s leading hospital, including Massachusetts General Hospital.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health student Makayla Andre.

Commencement 2018 is right around the corner, and members of the MCPHS community, including Makayla Andre PH ’18, are preparing for the big day.

Brian Sirman, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, School of Arts and Science and the Boston City Hall building.
Declared either a masterpiece or one of the ugliest buildings in the world, Boston's City Hall has been controversial since before the first brick was laid. In his new book Concrete Changes: Architecture, Politics, and the Design of Boston City Hall, Professor Sirman tackles the big question: How did this happen?
Loren, Emily, Christabel and Michael.

All four of our Orientation team leaders are experts on all things MCPHS, and they have some great advice for incoming students.

Alumni Wenli Liang.

Now an associate scientist II at Biogen in Cambridge, MA, Liang reflects on her time at MCPHS, where she says she gained the skills and knowledge she would need to thrive in her future career.

Doctor of Optometry/Master of Public Health student Esther Ko.

"I am so excited to transition into my new role as the treasurer of the AOSA Executive Council,” said Ko. “I have this amazing opportunity to represent optometry students across the nation and at all the schools and colleges of optometry.”

Master of Public Health student Kimberly Levitt.

As a public health professional, I am excited to make it my priority to fight back and ensure that I am doing whatever I can to make the world a place for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality," said Levitt.

MCPHS Master of Health Administration student Aneylis Hernandez

Every day, Aneylis Hernandez PHB ’16, MHA ’18 looks to one simple fact to inspire her: she knows that she has the power to shape the future of healthcare.