Student Laptops

At MCPHS, technology is meant to assist you in your academic journey, not hinder your success. To provide you with the most robust learning environment, we have identified a guideline for ensuring you have the best experience. Before the start of classes, please be sure to check our technology requirements below and ensure that your laptop meets our minimum requirements. Additional software may be required by your course instructors and will vary by semester, so please be sure to consult your course syllabus at the start of each term.

If you do not already have your own laptop, we recommend purchasing through our vendor portal at GovConnection. We've worked to identify a standard model laptop on both the Apple and Windows platforms to align with your preference.

MCPHS Laptop Purchase Portal - The first time you go to the portal, sign up for an account to view the laptop options for purchase.

Note: Laptops are pre-bundled with a 4 year warranty. You do not need to add an additional warranty.

Please note: While an iPad, Chromebook or other similar tablet may be a useful tool for note-taking or other tasks, a laptop computer is still required to accommodate the various testing tools used in classes.

Benefits to Purchasing through our Vendor Portal

  • Lower cost to student than going direct to vendors, including below Apple Education discounts
  • Laptops are bundled with 3 or 4-year repair coverage
  • Should you need to have your laptop repaired, stop by the Help Desk to have us ship it out for you.
  • You'll also receive a loaner laptop while your laptop is out for repair.

Additional Questions

If you have concerns over meeting minimum requirements, MCPHS has options:

  • Currently enrolled students: Contact the Dean of Students office.
  • Accepted students: Contact the Admissions office.