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Frequently Asked Questions

To schedule a dental exam, please give us a call. You can reach our Boston clinic at 617.278.2700 and our Worcester clinic at 774.243.3410. After you schedule your appointment, make sure to request our Patient Welcome Packet. Then read the information, and be sure to bring a signed copy of the packet’s Disclosure Statement when you come in for your appointment.

No, you do not need insurance to be a patient. We’re happy to see you, even if you don’t have dental insurance.

Veterans receive free care with ID and college students pay only $5.00. Fees are reduced for all other patients and include prophylaxis (cleaning), fluoride treatment, and necessary radiographs (X-rays). Those fees are as follows: Adults 14-64: $25.00; Seniors 65+: $15.00; Children Birth-13: $15.00.

Yes. We accept Mass Health, Guardian, and Cigna

No, you do not need a referral to come to our clinics.
Upon arrival at the clinic, you will be asked to provide identification, contact information, insurance and health history information. This information is kept confidential and is used to assist in assessing, treatment planning, and implementing quality care for you. You will need to provide a valid ID. Forms of valid ID are listed below.

Photo identification: (if any of these identification sources do not include your current address, a second form of identification is required, which includes the current address (example: a utility bill).

Driver's License:

Non-driver's ID (issued by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles)
Medicaid card with photo
School or employer ID
Non-photo identification: (if you do not have a photo ID, then two forms of ID must be presented):

Medicaid card without photo
Insurance card
Credit card
Utility or rent bill
Library card
You will also need to bring the following items.

1. Information sheet signed and completed on both sides.

2. Copies of dental X-rays taken with in the past 5 years.

3. All of your current medications, vitamins  and supplements in their original containers.

Treatment in the clinic may not be provided if you are unable to produce sufficient documentation regarding the following conditions and/or if test levels and reports contraindicate the safe delivery of dental hygiene care.

4. Diabetes:

a. If you have diabetes, please bring documentation of your most recent A1C blood level. It is required that this be no older than 4 months.

5. Heart Problems:

a. If you have had a recent heart attack, have any heart problems including recent stent placement, please bring written clearance from your doctor stating you are healthy enough for dental treatment and do not require pre-medication.

b. If it is recommended that you pre-medicate before dental treatment, please do so according to your doctors direction.

6. Anticoagulant Therapy / Blood Thinners:

a. If you are receiving anticoagulant therapy and are taking blood thinners such as Coumadin (Warfarin), please bring your most recent INR test results with you.

7. Joint Replacement:

a. If you have had a hip, knee or any joint replacement, please contact your physician to determine whether you need to take antibiotics before dental treatment. If it is not required, please bring a written letter from your doctor stating so.

8. Cancer Treatment and Chemotherapy

a. If you are undergoing chemotherapy or cancer treatment, please consult your physician and obtain written consent to receive dental treatment.
MCPHS University trains future dental hygienists, so our dental hygiene students who have advanced to the clinical phase of their training will provide you with treatment. All care is closely supervised by licensed dental hygiene instructors and a floor dentist to ensure you are getting the best care possible.
No, we only provide preventative care.
Dental assessments including necessary radiographs (X-rays) are completed and reviewed by students, instructors, and a staff dentist when necessary. Referrals for additional treatment or evaluation are provided when necessary. Below is a list of services that you could receive during your appointments.

1. Assessment: comprehensive risk assessment of oral conditions and diseases along with dental and periodontal examination; radiographs.

2. Treatment Plan: Scheduled plan of recommended treatment based upon individual patient centered assessment.

3. Treatment Implementation: A series of appointments are scheduled based on a plan for the delivery of services.

4. Education/Anticipatory Guidance: A review of the assessment findings; sharing of information and guidance for sustained or improved oral health.

5. Evaluation/Referral:

Re-assessment of oral conditions/diseases
Need for further treatment
Need for referral/Referral made if indicated
6. Supplemental procedures include:

Fluoride treatment
Dental sealants
Whitening Trays
Athletic mouth guards
Dietary Counseling
Everyone is different, but we generally recommend returning for a cleaning every three to six months. We may recommend that certain patients come in every three or four months.

Yes, we love children!

No, we only accept Visa, MasterCard, checks, and cash.

Complimentary parking is offered at our Worcester clinic in the parking lot located in front of the 10 Lincoln Square garage. We recommend taking public transportation to our Boston clinic because there are limited public parking spaces available and we are unable to validate parking in local garages. 
The faculty, students, and staff follow guidelines published by national public health agencies, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for infection control and management of blood-borne pathogens.