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International Center for Pharmaceutical Economics & Policy

The International Center for Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy (IPEP) was established in 2011 at MCPHS University as a research center dedicated to the study of economic, regulatory and policy aspects of the United States and global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors. The Center provides technical assistance to the United States. and international governments and healthcare organizations.

Our Mission

The mission of the IPEP Center is to promote research, provide educational and service activities to improve access to safe, quality and effective pharmaceuticals, medical devices and related health services by providing governments, institutions and organizations access to global expertise and cutting-edge knowledge in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena.

Our Vision

The vision of the IPEP Center is to be a focal point for the study of economic, regulatory and public policy aspects of the United States and international pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device sectors. The IPEP also provides an environment where leaders from pharmacy and healthcare organizations can work collaboratively with faculty on projects related to pharmaceutical outcomes, management and marketing of pharmaceutical products and healthcare services.


The Center forges partnerships with national and international public and private sectors, and provides consulting and technical assistance activities for governments, healthcare organizations, healthcare industry, international organizations, associations and professional organizations.


The IPEP is a multidisciplinary center of the MCPHS University that includes faculty from pharmacy administration, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice. The main areas of research of the Center include:

  • Examine the impact of the regulatory and policy changes on global access to safe and effective pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and related healthcare services.
  • Evaluation of the design and impact of pharmaceutical benefit plans provided by managed care organizations
  • Conduct pharmacoeconomic and outcomes studies.
  • Study the impact of intellectual property regulation and industry financial decisions.
  • Provide expertise in research study design, methodology, data collection, analyses and interpretation of study results.


The IPEP promotes careers in governmental and international organizations, health-systems pharmacy management, managed care organizations and the pharmaceutical, biotecnological and medical device industry.


  • Enrique Seoane-Vazquez PhD, IPEP Director, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
  • Josephine Babiarz, Esq, Assistant Professor
  • Nicholas A. Campagna Jr., MB, Director, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business Program
  • Khaled A. Elsaid PharmD, PhD, MBA, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology/Toxicology