Boston Spring Next Steps

ENTERING Spring 2017

Welcome to the Incoming Student Website for MCPHS University–Boston. Now that you have submitted your enrollment deposit and plan to attend MCPHS University, there are a few things that you will need to do to ensure a smooth transition to the University. Please thoroughly review the next steps contained on this page, since you will find important information here regarding your upcoming enrollment at MCPHS University.

We will continue to post information relevant to your enrollment so please bookmark this page and visit often! Please call the Admission Office at 617.879.5964 or email if there is anything further we can do to assist you.

Important Information and Forms

Resident Student

If you have not already done so, please submit your housing deposit through our Housing Deposit Gateway, which you can also find under the "Important Forms" section to your right. 

Please Note: On-campus housing is not available for graduate students. It is not guaranteed for Year II transfer students. 

To live in University-sponsored housing you will need to fill out our Housing Form, which you can also find in the "Important Forms" section on the right. This form establishes your residence hall contract, asks about your roommate preferences, and collects your emergency contact information.

Please note that roommate and room assignments are decided by the Office of Residence Life.

Special Housing Accommodations

To request housing accommodations on the basis of a disability or medical condition (including allergies), you will need to complete the Housing Accommodation forms. There are two sheets that need to be filled out: the Healthcare Provider Form and the Student Request Form. They will need to be completed and submitted to the Office of Disability Support Services.

The Healthcare Provider Form should be completed by a licensed healthcare professional that can provide specific information regarding the your disability or medical condition and the functional limitations experienced as a result of the disability as it relates to housing.

The Student Request Form is one that you should complete, indicating your need for a housing accommodation.

Housing accommodation requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Disability Support Services and the Assistant Dean of Residential Life and Living. All housing application deadlines must be met in order for timely reviews of accommodation requests. Both forms will need to be submitted to Disability Support Services before the review process can begin. 

Completed forms can be faxed or mailed to:

Disability Support Services
MCPHS University
179 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Phone: 617.879.5995
Fax: 617.732.2993 (Confidential)
Email: Vanessa Dominguez

Commuter Student

Finding an apartment or house is easy, but finding something that you can afford, that meets all of your needs and wants, and that is a place that you can call home is a difficult and often daunting task. While this important task might seem overwhelming, especially if you are new to the area or this is your first time finding a place to live, a careful and measured approach to finding a home will make the search much easier and will leave you in a place that better suits your needs and lifestyle.

Whether you need tips on finding a roommate, understanding your rights and responsibilities or just getting insight on Boston neighborhoods, we can provide you with helpful information on our website. If you still need more support in the process, don’t hesitate to email For off-campus housing options, please visit our off-campus housing page

MBTA Information

Whether you are taking the subway known as the “T” or the commuter rail, many students take advantage of the public transportation options offered by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). As an MCPHS student, you can purchase your semester pass through the University at a discounted rate if you submit your payment by the published deadline. For Spring 2017 passes (January 1st through April 30th) the deadline to submit payment is December 1, 2016 by 4:30 p.m. To register for the discounted passes, please click here.

Commuting students stand to benefit most from the discounted semester passes if they use the MBTA as their primary method of transportation. However, before committing to a semester pass through the University, we recommend that students living in MCPHS-sponsored housing obtain a Charlie Card with a pre-loaded fare to first determine how frequently they use the MBTA system. For more information about the Charlie Card and MBTA fares, you can visit:

Should you have any questions, please email Kristen Dvorsky in the Office of Student Activities at or call 617.732.2871.


At MCPHS, we strongly encourage the use of public transportation since parking is limited to metered parking around the campus and local parking garages. For information on parking options available in the Boston area, check out

To ensure your own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of those around you, your required immunizations and titers must be completed prior to your first academic term. The easiest way to become compliant with MCPHS University and state immunization requirements is to complete your immunizations through your primary care provider before you arrive at school.

To track your immunization records and compliance, the University works with CastleBranch, a confidential health information service. MCPHS University will send you an email with instructions on how to set up an account with CastleBranch. Once you successfully create your profile, you will be prompted to upload the completed form.

Please be aware of the following:

  • You will pay a one-time fee of $25 to CastleBranch to create your CastleBranch account. Instructions about payment will be provided on the payment step of the online order process. You will have direct access to your account to monitor your own personal immunization compliance in conjunction with the company's tracking.
  • It is strongly recommended that you save a copy of your completed immunization form and your immunization records. Should any compliance questions arise, it is important to have your records immediately accessible to you.
  • Students who are not compliant with University immunization requirements may be subject to administrative withdrawal from MCPHS University.
  • Authorized officials at MCPHS University have access to student immunization records in order to monitor compliance.

Any questions about immunization records or requirements should be directed to CastleBranch at or by calling 888.723.4263. All immunization information must be received by CastleBranch by December 15, 2016 for spring 2017 enrollment.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Pat Ramsay, Director of Student Compliance, at 617.735.1105 or You can also review our Immunization Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that students who are not in compliance with the MCPHS and state immunization requirements before the start of classes may not be allowed to move into MCPHS-sponsored housing. Additionally, failure to comply may result in a delay in your beginning classes and a hold being placed on your student account.

Health Insurance

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and MCPHS policy, all students (regardless of enrollment) must be covered by a comprehensive health insurance program. The University makes available a general policy, provided by an independent insurance carrier, which meets these standards.

Students will be automatically enrolled in this plan unless a waiver (which must be renewed annually) is completed and received by Student Financial Services. The health insurance waiver be available in mid-December for students starting in the spring and can be filled out by visiting If you need assistance, please call 1.800.437.6448.

All international students must enroll in the plan with the exception of:

1. Those international students whose sponsoring institutions have a signed agreement with MCPHS that complies with the University’s health insurance waiver requirements.

2. International students with a plan for which their health insurance company’s primary home office is based in the United States AND the policy provides comparable coverage to the University student health insurance plan.

International students who do not fall under conditions 1 or 2 above MUST purchase the University’s student health insurance plan and therefore are not eligible for a waiver.

MCPHS University is committed to the full participation of all students in its academic programs and activities. Students with disabilities, who are otherwise qualified for admission, are encouraged to meet with the Office of Disability Support Services, to discuss support services and determine appropriate accommodations for those who qualify.

To request an appointment, please fill out the Appointment Request Form. Although not required, it may be helpful to have documentation sent to the Director’s office prior to meeting in order to give the Director time to review the report, evaluation, or letter from the provider. Sample pieces of documentation include (but not limited to):

  • A description of the student’s needs.
  • Records of past accommodations and services from previous academic settings, including high school or another college or university.
  • Formal psychological evaluations, letters from past health, education, and service providers.

When sending supporting documentation please include a cover letter explaining the type of accommodation you are seeking and be sure to include your full name and MCPHS University ID. Documentation can be sent in the following ways:

Mailed to:
Disability Support Services
179 Longwood Ave
Boston MA 02115

Faxed to: 617.732.2993 (confidential)

Scanned and emailed to:

All new students, including those transferring from other schools in the US, are required to attend Orientation. At Orientation, students will learn about key MCPHS University systems, services, and policies, meet other students in the same program, tour campus, and hear from current students about the best way to have a comfortable and successful transition to life at MCPHS University. We will also review important United States citizenship and immigration regulations for those in non-immigrant statuses.

For Spring-start students, Orientation will be held on January 6, 2017, the Friday before classes start. To register for Orientation, please click here.

Assessment Tests

An email with information about Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics online assessment exams will be sent to you soon. These tests must be completed prior to Orientation by every student, regardless of transfer credit. They will not change the transfer credit you may have been awarded.

At Orientation, all students, regardless of transfer credit, will be required to take the Oral Proficiency Exam (“OPE”). The purpose of this test is to determine placement in basic classes. It will not change your admission status.

If you are currently enrolled in school, please request that all official transcripts be sent directly to MCPHS from your college or university after you have finished your final courses or upon graduation. These transcripts must be sent to us directly from your school by email, fax, or mail. We must receive these official and final transcripts before the start of classes or you may not be able to begin your academic program.

MCPHS University
Admission Office
179 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Fax: 617.732.2118


MCPHS University ID Number and Badge

Under the address block of your acceptance letter, you will find your MCPHS University ID number. Please memorize this number and use it when corresponding with the University. When you arrive on campus for Orientation, you will receive your MCPHS University ID badge, which must be worn at all times on campus.

Login and Password

You will receive an email from our Information Services department to the email address we have on file from your application, which contains your MCPHS University login and password. You will use this account to access important MCPHS University online systems such as the my.mcphs portal. If you wish to update the email address you have on file with us, please call us at 617.879.5964.

MCPHS University Email Address

All students enrolled in classes at MCPHS University will be issued an MCPHS email account as well as information about how to access it. Important academic and business information, including your Student Accounts tuition billing statement, will be emailed to this account. 

Class Schedule 

MCPHS University automatically registers all new students for classes. Access to your schedule will be provided in mid-November via the MCPHS portal. During Orientation, you will have the chance to meet with an Academic Advisor to understand your study plan requirements and to add or drop elective courses. Most MCPHS University programs are lock-step, which means that students do not have the flexibility to deviate from the curriculum as it is laid out in the University Catalog. Therefore, they do not graduate faster or slower than other students in their program.

Paying Your Tuition

You will receive an email to your MCPHS email account informing you that your tuition bill is available. From there you will need to make an account with your MCPHS student ID number. Payment is due by December 1, 2016.  

International Student Ambassadors will be at the Boston Logan Airport to greet incoming students. If you would like to request airport transportation on our shuttle to campus, please send us your arrival information at least two weeks in advance. You can request airport transportation by clicking here. If you have questions, please contact or call 1.617.732.2876. Airport transportation will be available on January 5, 2017.

More information about where to meet the shuttle to campus will be emailed in response to your transportation requests.

International Students

The following set of next steps are specific to international students who will be starting in the Spring of 2017. They must be performed in addition to the next steps listed above.

Students whose native language is not English must do one of the following at least 2 months prior to the start of the assigned entry term in order to receive full admission to MCPHS University:

a. Sit for and pass the MCPHS University English language assessment (click here for schedule of testing dates and to register for this assessment). 

If you do not achieve a passing grade on this test, your start date at MCPHS University may be deferred or your first semester schedule may be adjusted to accommodate partial to full-time English support classes. This may cause changes to your future schedule and graduation date.

b. Submit an official TOEFL, IELTS, or iTep score:

MCPHS University I-20 Application

The International Admission Team is responsible for issuing your initial Form I-20 - the form that allows you to schedule your student visa interview or transfer to a new school in the United States. A Form I-20 shows that:

1. You are or expect to be an official student.
2. You meet our admission requirements.
3. You will pursue a full course of study.
4. You proved to us that you have enough money to study and live in the United States for the duration of your studies.

Prior to enrolling in classes, you must complete the Form I-20 Application and mail your supporting materials to MCPHS University Admission Office, 179 Longwood Avenue, Boston MA 02115.

Please click here to download the I-20 Information Application Packet. You can also find it under the "Important Forms" section on the right side of this page. 

If you have any questions regarding your immigration paperwork please contact

Arriving in the United States is a very important step, which you should prepare for.

You have 30 days to enter the country before your official program start date, which is registered in SEVIS by Julie Donlon, Director of Immigration Services, or a member of her team. You must report to the Center for International Studies by your program start date, or you will not maintain your status. We suggest that you contact MCPHS International immediately once you enter the country so that there is no question of your arrival.

All international students studying at MCPHS University on an F-1 student visa must complete SEVIS registration during the first two weeks of each semester. You will need to bring photocopies of the following documents to the Center for International Studies to complete this requirement:

  • Your current course schedule
  • Your I-94 card
  • Your passport identification pages
  • Your visa (if applicable)
  • Proof of local address

If living on-campus in an MCPHS University residence hall, list the hall’s name and your room number on the SEVIS registration form.

If living off-campus, provide a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, or a copy of your lease.

In addition to attending your Orientation session, you will also be asked to attend to two sessions during the first week of classes.

  • F1 Advising
  • Adjusting to U.S. Culture

Important 2017 Housing Dates

January 5, 2017: Move-In Day for students living in Residence Halls.

March 3, 2017: Residence halls close (spring break).

March 12, 2017: Residence halls re-open.

April 28, 2017: Residence halls close (summer break).