Close up of white coat on PA student.

Required Lab and Cliinical Materials

White Coat and Name Badge Order Deadline: November 23, 2016

Students will be issued a white MCPHS University lab coat and name badge, free of charge. Please be sure to complete the White Coat Online Order Form by November 23rd as sizes submitted after this date will not be guaranteed. 

Students must purchase official MCPHS University scrubs prior to the start of the program. The scrubs will include the MCPHS University logo and your first name and last initial. These will be worn for all labs and clinical experiences, and will identify you as an MCPHS University student. We recommend that each student purchase two sets of scrubs (tops and bottoms) and one warm-up jacket.

Please contact Nick Trippi, Proprietor of Trippi’s Uniforms at to place your order:

Trippi's Uniforms
268 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA  01545
Phone: 508.755.4721
Fax: 508.792.3354


Shoes must be white or black, non-canvas, and rubber-soled, with closed-toe and closed-heel. No logo should be visible. You are not required to purchase special nursing shoes. Any questions about shoes may be directed to either Lab Manager: Joanna Bachour ( or Bonnie Laurent (


A stethoscope with a diaphragm and bell is required. We recommend the Littmann Classic II SE or the Littmann Cardiology III, but you may choose to purchase any model. Stethoscopes may be purchased from Trippi’s Uniforms or from another vendor such as


Penlights can be purchased from Trippi’s Uniforms.

Wristwatch with Second Hand

You will need a wristwatch with a sweeping second hand (not digital) for use in lab and clinical experiences. This may be purchased from Trippi’s Uniforms or from any vendor.

Manual Blood Pressure Cuff

An average adult/large size cuff is needed. Please make sure the cuff is latex-free, nylon, or other material that can be cleaned, not cloth.