COVID-19 & Accommodations

Office of Student Access and Accommodations

The MCPHS campus is mask friendly. Certain lab, and clinic spaces require masks per federal guidelines or recommendations.

Individuals who are unable to wear masks due to a medical condition or disability may wear an alternate face covering, such as a shield, and maintain a minimum six-foot physical distance at all times. Students who require accommodations must register with the Office of Student Access and Accommodations (OSAA) and an OSAA professional staff member will follow up with next steps.

Immunocompromised Students

There are a variety of factors that may put students at higher risk of contracting viral illnesses and/or experiencing more severe symptoms if contracted.

If you are a student who is immunocompromised and you are concerned about how this may impact you in an academic, clinical or housing setting, please contact OSAA as soon as possible. Please also review the COVID-19 website for information on how the University is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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