About Founders and Futurists

Bicentennial Podcast

Founders & Futurists

Discover our healthcare visionaries and imagine the possibilities ahead as MCPHS celebrates its Bicentennial.

About Founders & Futurists

About Founders & Futurists

In 1823, our founders set out to improve the quality of medicines for the public by developing standard practices and training for apothecaries. They could picture a better future for patients.

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Toward a Healthier, More Equitable World

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences futurists continued to look ahead and work toward a better tomorrow. We have always nurtured healthcare visionaries.

Our current students, faculty, staff, and alumni are carrying on the tradition. Today’s Founders and Futurists identify healthcare needs and gaps—and mobilize to fill them, including by evolving systems and processes, starting new organizations, and advocating for change. We believe in the health and dignity of all. Join us as we imagine new possibilities for patients and take action to make our dreams a reality.

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