Evolution With Vision

Bicentennial Podcast

Founders & Futurists

Discover our healthcare visionaries and imagine the possibilities ahead as MCPHS celebrates its Bicentennial.

About Founders & Futurists

Evolution With Vision

It takes heartfelt dedication to change the world for the better. Every person and every possibility must be considered. Our founders knew this when they first formed Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1823.

MCPHS Faculty and students with patients in the 1960s.
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Video: MCPHS Turns 200 The Start of Something Big Learning to Grow Forward We Go
MCPHS Turns 200

Our institution expanded and evolved over the years as healthcare grew increasingly complex and collaborative, but one thing remained the same. We have always nurtured healthcare visionaries.

The Start of Something Big

MCPHS began in response to a need. In the early 19th century, the practice of pharmacy was growing quickly. But there was little oversight among the independently owned businesses that made up the industry.

Our Beginnings
Vintage photo of pharmacy in the early 1800s.


We built on our solid foundation in pharmacy and now offer programs in more than two dozen distinct health- and life-sciences fields.

Learning to Grow

As the 20th century dawned, research and advances began to set the stage for a major disruption in healthcare. The pace of innovation increased exponentially in the second half of the century, creating a need for more training and collaboration.

Our Rapid Expansion
MCPHS students in the 1940s in a chemistry lab.

Diversification was key. As we started getting some momentum, the success built on itself and we added new campuses, new programs, new employees, new facilities, and we got into a growth mode that really took off over the course of the last 25 years.”

Richard J. Lessard | President of MCPHS

Richard J. Lessard. President of MCPHS

Forward We Go

MCPHS has completed the transformation from a regional pharmacy college into a nationally ranked, world-class university with three campuses and more than 100 degree and certificate programs in the health and life sciences.

Our Future
MCPHS students in a chemistry lab.

We want to be known for the impact of our work in the healthcare sector. We are making a difference in the lives of the populations of various communities across the country and around the world.

Caroline Zeind, PharmD, RPh | Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

Caroline Zeind , Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost.