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Bicentennial Podcast

Founders & Futurists

Discover our healthcare visionaries and imagine the possibilities ahead as MCPHS celebrates its Bicentennial.

About Founders & Futurists

Evolution With Vision Intro

It takes heartfelt dedication to change the world for the better. Every person and every possibility must be considered. Our founders knew this when they first formed Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1823.

Evolution with Vision

Our Purpose Remains the Same

Two hundred years later, the same unwavering commitment to helping others resonates throughout our three campuses and beyond. Our institution – now an established leader in health and life sciences education with global impact – expanded over many decades as we identified new ways to serve patients, communities, and society. Our evolution has been guided by a vision to create a healthier, more equitable world for all.  

Mission-driven people are the secret to our success. The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) Community comprises compassionate, caring people who understand that working together is a science unto itself. The talented team behind today’s MCPHS is focused on sharing ideas and learning together, proving to the world that ambitious goals are achievable when you remain focused on doing what’s right. 

What would bring the founders the most pride about today’s MCPHS?

MCPHS Turns 200

Our institution expanded and evolved over the years as healthcare grew increasingly complex and collaborative, but one thing remained the same. We have always nurtured healthcare visionaries.