Advancing Knowledge Together

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Discover our healthcare visionaries and imagine the possibilities ahead as MCPHS celebrates its Bicentennial.

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Advancing Knowledge Together

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The most interesting scientific discoveries often stem from interactions between researchers with different areas of expertise. And the most exciting advances in healthcare can begin with a dialogue between professionals from different fields.


The Secret to Successful Scholarship

Our Community members benefit from exposure to a wide range of people and ideas. The collaborations we’ve created offer exciting opportunities for faculty members and students to share knowledge and pursue projects with experts on many different subjects from across the country and around the world. Recent collaborations have explored topics ranging from neural plasticity to Type 2 diabetes to the nature of consciousness to gaps in public health education. MCPHS mentors and their mentees engage with academics, clinicians, and even business leaders from other institutions to discuss pressing issues in healthcare, propose solutions to problems, test scientific hypotheses, and more.

Some of these conversations and scholarly activities occur on our campuses. But MCPHS students also conduct research in the labs and clinics of our collaborators. They share learnings through presentations and publications, feeding insights back into the health and life sciences ecosystem.

Our five Centers for Excellence catalyze much of this activity. For example, the Center for Research and Discovery introduces students to the world of scholarship through mentored experiences and speaker series. And the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education organizes case conferences with a wide array of partners, including Harvard Medical School, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and the University of Massachusetts School of Nursing, to name a few. Case conferences – focusing on topics ranging from pediatric discharge to the opioid epidemic – bring together students from different disciplines to explore the dynamics behind team-based care.

While the centers have different missions, they have a shared purpose to promote collaboration across disciplines that will lead to new scientific and humanistic insights in the health and life sciences. It's big picture thinking at its finest and just another example of how we’re always looking for new ways to build bridges to future success.