Academics at MCPHS

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is one of the world’s most respected universities with 100+ programs encompassing more than a dozen distinct health-science fields.

Education Grounded in Collaboration and Inclusion

MCPHS is committed to advancing health sciences education to help every student reach their potential as a professional in healthcare and the life sciences. Our programs are built around collaboration and inclusion, grounded in hands-on training with technology, equipment, and when necessary, actual patients in authentic healthcare settings. Our wide range of undergraduate and advanced programs are designed to support a Community of learners that is dedicated, collaborative, and empowered to make lasting impacts in their fields.

Aligning Academics with Your Goals

With 100+ programs across more than a dozen distinct health fields, MCPHS offers pathways to wide variety of careers in the health and life sciences.
Smiling female student in scrubs.

#1 University for Earning Power

MCPHS reached the top of The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings list, surpassing The University of Colorado-Denver, Georgetown University, and Harvard. MCPHS graduates are trained for high-paying careers in high-demand fields.
Smiling female student in scrubs.
Female student in PPE gear.

#4 Most Transformative College in the U.S.

Money online magazine placed MCPHS in the top 5 among more than 700 colleges and universities in the country, based on factors including graduation rates, earnings, and loan repayment.

Learning Models Designed for Student Success

Dental hygiene student and faculty with patient.

Experiential Learning

Coursework emphasizes hands-on study with technology and equipment in state-of-the-art laboratories. Our partnerships with world-class health facilities and providers allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

Student and Staff working on laptops.

Academic Support & Resources

MCPHS has a robust infrastructure of resources and support staff to assist students, setting them up for success in school, their careers, and in life.

Students performing an ultrasound.

Collaborating Across Disciplines

Collaborative, multidisciplinary provider teams are changing healthcare. We are leveraging our network of professionals to advance interprofessional practice to enrich the learning experience.

News & Features

MCPHS is leading change across health sciences sectors, setting the standard for educational, technological, and clinical practice.

Center for Research and Discovery

Participating in mentored research and academic experiences has proven benefits for both students and their faculty mentors. Build the skills and confidence needed to conduct research, share research, and publish findings by engaging with this Center for Excellence.
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