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Nurse on laptop in coffee shop. Nurse on laptop in coffee shop.

What is online learning like?

All MCPHS online programs are part-time, allowing students to work full-time while completing their degree or certificate. MCPHS online programs are also asynchronous—meaning, a class of students all learn the same material outside of the constraints of time and place. While some programs occasionally schedule synchronous meetings, during which the class and faculty log on at a set day and time, students typically can complete their classwork at their own pace.

Smiling girl sitting with laptop. Smiling girl sitting with laptop.

How does online learning work?

Programs generally take between one and three years to complete, with students typically enrolling in two courses each semester. Assignments are completed through the Blackboard learning management system, where students can view lectures, complete assignments, post to a discussion board, and engage with classmates. Cohort and class sizes are small, and students generally are working professionals who learn as much from others as they do from their faculty.

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