Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)—Accelerated

The mission and vision of the School of Pharmacy–Worcester/Manchester aligns with the core elements of the University’s vision and mission statements.

Our Mission

Facilitate development of transformative healthcare professionals in an environment where all community members know they belong and can be successful. Our program is delivered by faculty who lead with collegiality and regularly engage in exemplary teaching, scholarship, and service as part of their commitment to advancing pharmacy education, practice, and patient-care.

Our Vision

We strive to be an inclusive community of educators, staff, and students united in our commitment to promoting and achieving excellence in pharmaceutical education. We are dedicated to providing an equitable and optimal environment and leading progress to advance the profession of pharmacy through scholarship, practice, and service.

  • Admissions: Our School will attract and enroll students who display academic, professional, and interpersonal characteristics that contribute positively to the University community.
  • Student Success: Our students will have the resources and opportunities necessary for academic, professional, and personal success.
  • Student Experience: Our students will be members of an inclusive community that fosters well-being and empowers students to meet their personal and professional goals.
  • Faculty and Staff Success: Our School will actively support faculty and staff well-being and their continuous professional growth and development.
  • Infrastructure and Technology: Our School will advocate for the physical resources and technology necessary to support the development and success of our faculty, staff, and students.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Our School will be a diverse community committed to a safe, fair, and inclusive environment for our members and those we serve.

Our Core Values

Members of our school community believe that the following characteristics serve as the foundation for all activities and are integral to how we function.

  • Adaptability. Responding to changes in the profession and academic climate to ensure continual provision of valuable educational experiences.
  • Accountability. Exhibiting personal responsibility to achieve the school’s mission through demonstration of collegiality, follow-through on promised deliverables and commitments, and engagement in self-reflection for development and growth.
  • Excellence. Engaging in quality improvement processes to achieve higher levels of performance.
  • Professionalism. Demonstrating honesty and integrity and conduct that is reflective, ethical and consistent with the expectations of our community.
  • Inclusion. Fostering a culture of inclusion among students, faculty, staff, and other key stakeholders.
  • Compassion. Embracing a spirit of caring for all members of our communities.
  • Engagement. Fostering intentional collaborations and connections among community members.
  • Creativity. Promoting innovation, ingenuity, and resourcefulness to overcome challenges and to lead change in the best interest of our community.
  • Advocacy. Promoting practices that are equitable and in the best interests of all patients and the profession.
  • Resiliency. Leveraging community strengths and embracing self-determination to navigate challenges.