Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)—Accelerated


Improve health care by preparing graduates who can lead change and contribute to patient well-being; participate in interprofessional team-based care using knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and attitudes that are consistent with professional expectations; and continuously advance their personal and professional development. The program is delivered by collaborative faculty who embrace program assessment and regularly engage in scholarship and service as part of their commitment to advancing knowledge and the pharmacy profession.


MCPHS School of Pharmacy Worcester/Manchester will be a community of educators, support staff, and students focused on promoting excellence in pharmaceutical education, research, and service.

Core Values

Our School believes that the following characteristics serve as an anchor for all activities and are integral to how we function.

  • Adaptability. Willfully responding to necessary changes in areas of responsibility to ensure continual provision of meaningful educational experiences that are consistent with changes in the profession and grounded in reflective practices.
  • Accountability. Demonstrating the willingness to adhere to commitments, to follow-through on promised deliverables, and to engage in self-reflection.
  • Excellence. Performing at a level that exceeds expectations.
  • Honesty. Utilizing self-reflection and demonstrating transparency in all activities.
  • Innovation. Willing to develop new solutions to address challenges.
  • Professionalism. Demonstrating integrity and engaging in conduct consistent with the expectations of the profession into which student pharmacists are striving to gain membership.
  • Respect. Treating others in a manner that values diverse viewpoints and backgrounds.
  • Collaboration. Working with community members to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Compassion. Embracing a spirit of caring for other members of our communities.