Clinical Rotations

Master of Physician Assistant Studies—Accelerated

Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations are integral to the Physician Assistant Studies program at MCPHS University–Manchester and Worcester. It is during this phase of training that students apply and improve their clinical and patient management skills. There are 9 required clinical rotations. Each rotation is 5 weeks in duration. In addition to clinical rotations, students participate in on-campus professional seminars during the clinical phase of training.

The program has clinical affiliations with a variety of clinical sites in the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions. Additional national and international clinical sites are also available. Learning experiences occur in ambulatory and hospital-based settings and include rural, suburban and urban clinical sites. Students are encouraged to choose rural health facilities for a portion of their clinical experience. The breadth of clinical settings offers the future Physician Assistant the ability to acquire skills and competencies practices in a variety of settings.

Rotations in the required curriculum may be scheduled at some distance from the campus. This is necessary to provide a range of diverse learning experiences and ensure availability and quality of clinical rotation sites. Students are responsible for providing their own housing and transportation to and from the clinical sites and campus. Housing and travel costs for the clinical year vary widely depending on the site and location. Physician Assistant students are not responsible for identifying or arranging their own clinical sites. However the possibility exists for students to coordinate, with the program, a maximum of two out-of-network clinical sites. To ensure quality educational training the sites must be approved by the Physician Assistant Studies Program and University and proper protocol must be followed to arrange for out- of-network clinical rotations.

The School of Physician Assistant Studies reserves the right to make changes to all policies and procedures at any time.

Clinical Rotations




MPAC 600

Medicine I


MPAC 601

Medicine Elective


MPAC 602

Family Medicine


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MPAC 606

Women's Health


MPAC 607

Emergency Medicine


MPAC 609

General Elective Rotation