2024-2025 Academic Year

On this page you will find links to the various forms that MCPHS may require students and/or parents to complete. If our office has requested a specific form from you please complete it and return it to the Office of Student Financial Services as soon as possible. In many cases we will need the completed form before we can process your financial aid award.

Financial Aid Forms

If your FAFSA is selected for verification by the federal government, the school needs to collect certain information from you and your parents. Please carefully review the information required and submit the completed form to the Office of Student Financial Services as soon as possible. Many of the forms needed for verification may be found below.

Miscellaneous Forms

  • FERPA Consent Form [PDF]
    Should be completed by all students who wish to allow financial aid and billing information to be discussed with a parent or other individual. The Office of Student Financial Services cannot share this information with anyone without your consent.
  • Award Revision Request [PDF]
    May be completed by students who wish to reduce or cancel their Federal Loans. Should be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services prior to the start of the semester.

Student Account Forms

  • Title IV Aid Authorization Form [PDF]
    This form authorizes the university to use your federal financial aid to cover non tuition related charges such as health insurance, parking fees and prior semester balances of up to $200. If you do not authorize the use of federal aid for these fees you will be required to pay those balances out of pocket.
  • Opt Out of Title IV Refund [PDF]
    Students who are eligible for Title IV aid may receive an advanced refund prior to the start of the semester to assist with the purchase of books. If you do not wish to receive this refund early, you should submit this form before the start of the semester.
  • Itemized Receipt Request [PDF]
    This form is used to request an official itemized receipt of a previous and/or current semester(s) from your Student Account History (typically required for employee reimbursement purposes).
  • Parent PLUS Refund Authorization [PDF]
    Allows the University to refund proceeds from a Parent PLUS loan to the student's bank account. The form may only be completed by the parent borrower.

Prior Year Forms

Infrequently, the Office of Student Financial Services may request that you complete additional paperwork for a prior academic year. This may be due to changes to your FAFSA that require additional documentation after you have been awarded. View forms from the 2023-2024 academic year.