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Payments, Withdrawals, and Refunds


E-Bill is the MCPHS official method for sending account statements. E-Bills are delivered electronically through the Student Account Center (SAC). See the SAC web page for more information about accessing the SAC and your account statements.

Payment Deadlines For All Campuses

Fall semester: August 1
Spring semester: December 1
Summer semester: May 1

Students not adhering to these deadlines may be administratively withdrawn from the University. For students with outstanding balances, the University reserves the right to refuse:

a) official transcripts,
b) diploma certifying graduation,
c) letters to complete board examination certification, or
d) registration for any additional coursework.

Students may view their E-bill through the Student Account Center portal. Students are notified at their MCPHS email address when a new bill is available for viewing. The Student Account Center also contains a real-time view of your student account and allows you to make your tuition payment or set up a payment plan. All of this can be accessed 24/7 and students can grant access to other bill payers.

Late Fees

A late payment fee will be assessed for all outstanding balances immediately following the due date.

Late Payment Fee: $500
Late Registration Fee: $150
Returned Check Fee: $30
Account Placement Fee: A $100 Account Recovery Fee will be applied to any students account not paid by the scheduled due date and placed with Heartland ESCI for collection on outstanding balance. This fee is in addition to the Late Fee and cannot be waived.

The University reserves the right to adjust these fees in accordance with possible rate changes.

Methods of Payment

Students and families have the convenient option of making online payments. If making a payment plan payment, please go to the Student Accounts Center page and use either the Student Login or Authorized User Login buttons to access the Student Account Center. The following methods of payment are available.

  • E-check payments made with a checking or savings account. This payment method is not subject to a service fee.
  • Debit/Credit Card payments are accepted but are subject to a service fee equal to 2.75% of the payment amount ($1.00 minimum). The service fee will be charged and retained by our payment service provider.

In addition to the payment methods available above, MCPHS also offers the following alternative payment methods.

Wire Transfer

  • U.S./Domestic Students: If you intend to make a wire transfer payment from a U.S./Domestic Bank Account, please contact Student Financial Services at to request the information necessary to conduct a wire transfer.
  • International Students: If you intend to make a wire transfer payment from an International Bank Account, MCPHS has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process. To make an international wire transfer payment via Flywire, please visit the Flywire website and select MCPHS University.


While check payments are still accepted by mail, we encourage families to save the postage and pay by eCheck online (free of charge) via the Student Account Center. In order to expedite processing, please include the student ID number on the check and send your payment to:

Post Office Remittance Address:
PO Box 412475
Boston, MA 02241-2475

Overnight Mail:
Bank of America Lockbox Services
MCPHS 412475
2 Morrissey Blvd
Dorchester, MA 02125

Students in good financial standing interested in spreading out their educational payments across each semester may utilize the services of Nelnet Campus Commerce. You can contact them by calling 800.609.8056 or by visiting the Student Accounts Center page and using either the Student Login or Authorized User Login buttons to access the Student Account Center.

During the drop/add period, courses are fully refundable for a course withdrawal. Tuition accounts are adjusted automatically, and any additional charges must be paid at the time of the transaction. After the drop/add deadline, there will be no tuition refund for individual course withdrawal.

The following graduated scale of charges for tuition and residence hall fees is used for the purposes of determining refunds for students withdrawing entirely from the University during the semester.

Period of Attendance Refund
Drop/Add period 100%
First week after the Drop/Add period 75%
Second week after the Drop/Add period 50%
Third week after the Drop/Add period 25%
Fourth week and beyond after the Drop/Add period 0%

Students who withdraw from the University must contact Academic Support Services at the time of withdrawal and complete an official form. Approved refunds are computed on the basis of the date appearing on the form. Absence from class without completing the form does not constitute withdrawal from the University.

Student refunds are available as soon as administratively possible after the completion of the drop/add period each semester following verification of student enrollment and disbursement of financial aid. Pending financial aid may require action on the part of the student prior to disbursement, which if delayed, may delay your refund. See the Student Financial Services page or contact their office with any questions related to financial aid.

Student refunds will be issued via direct deposit into a student’s checking or savings account. Students should enroll through Self-Service. For questions about direct deposit, enrollment, or terms and conditions, please contact Student Financial Services.