How to Use DocuSign

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) uses a system called DocuSign to accelerate the completion of contracts for our adjunct faculty. What can take upwards of one to four weeks to complete using paper forms and the US Postal Service can now be completed in a matter of days, if not less, using this technology. DocuSign allows for secure transmission of documents as well as electronic signatures. Documents can be reviewed and signed via your computer at work or home, or even from your phone or tablet. 

DocuSign is a widely-used software system that allows users to electronically “sign” documents safely and securely. Signing a document via DocuSign is considered just as legally binding as a physical signature.

  • You will receive an email with a link on behalf of DocuSign to: your personal email address if you are new to the University, or have not worked at MCPHS in more than one year, or to your MCPHS email address if you are a returning adjunct.
  • The e-mail will have a link to view the documents we need you to sign. Click Review Documents to begin. This will bring you to your contract.
  • Check the check box that says “I agree to use electronic records and signatures” in order to confirm your agreement to use DocuSign.
  • Review the contract and click the “Sign Here” button on page 4 to insert your electronic signature. Then click “Confirm Signing” to complete the process.
  • A pop-up box appears that says you have completed your documents. You will also receive an email confirming completion.
  • You can print your contract by using the Print option or you can save it as a PDF on your computer or device using the Download option in the pop-up box. You also have the option to create a DocuSign account to store your documents.


DocuSign follows national and international security standards in order to provide world-class information security. More information about DocuSign’s information security and privacy approach can be found on their website.

To keep copies of your contract, you have several options. You can print contracts both during and immediately after the process of signing a document electronically, you can store a downloaded PDF on your computer, or you can create a free DocuSign account which will store all of your signed documents.

If an adjunct prefers not to sign a contract electronically, MCPHS will still send the contract electronically through DocuSign as our method of delivery. The adjunct can print the appointment document, sign that, and then U.S. mail it to the applicable department/school. For new hires, the signed contract must be received by MCPHS before an adjunct can commence work.

If have issues with using DocuSign, or if you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your school program for assistance.