Three Qualities that Reflect the Best of MCPHS


We believe in innovation with a purpose. It’s how we work. MCPHS is proud of our rich history of leadership in education, scholarship, and service. But we’re future facing as well – always looking to expand our horizons and our campuses through a balanced and considered strategy for growth. Talented people will always play a vital role in the future, just as they have through every milestone in our past. Which is why we value people who can adapt to new ways of working and thinking.

Innovation in learning is at the heart of our campus development. We provide the latest classroom and video conferencing technology, online learning support, cutting edge laboratories, and clinical simulation tools. All supported by relaxing study areas and living spaces.


We find that our people are inspired by shared experiences. It’s one of the most important reasons talent moves in our direction. We offer opportunities to work collaboratively, to exchange ideas, and to feel energized by the thinking, projects, and possibilities all around us. MCPHS is an organization that is nonhierarchical, offering a culture that works cross-functionally with campuses that are connected and involved with each other. It’s a satisfying, productive working environment that is guided by individual autonomy and initiative rather than unnecessary process.


When it comes to bringing in faculty and staff, we look for a distinctive type of motivation from our people. Simply put, we value those who have a sincere desire to affect the future of healthcare. The kind of people who not only share our long-term vision, but are equally inspired by the opportunities that await them on campus. MCPHS is a truly dynamic, evolving, and vital institution. A place to build knowledge, grow a network of peers, and achieve great things in a rewarding, important field.