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COVID-19 Information Center

The MCPHS COVID-19 Information Center is built to provide the MCPHS Community with the most up-to-date information on University health and safety protocols, community-sourced FAQs, and past email communications. Any new COVID-19 communications will be sent by email or by social media and text messages when appropriate.

Use the navigation on the left to find answers to questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements and guidance on academics, residence halls, campus life, student support resources, and more. All University health and safety regulations apply to all students, faculty, and staff. Visitors must also adhere to University health screenings and Coming to Campus protocols.

Questions, concerns, and feedback may be directed to the MCPHS COVID-19 Team by email at: or by telephone at: 617.732.2798.

MCPHS student administering a vaccination. MCPHS student administering a vaccination.

98% of All On-Campus Students, Faculty, and Staff are Fully Vaccinated at the Start of the Fall 2021 Semester

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone in the MCPHS Community has made dedicated efforts to ensuring the health and safety of our three campuses. 98% of on-campus students and employees have received the COVID-19 vaccination in compliance with the University’s requirement. All on-campus Community members have committed to testing up to two times per week and complying with the mask-wearing requirements for all shared indoor settings. The COVID-19 Team will continue its contact tracing honed over the course of the pandemic, and MCPHS facilities staff will maintain stringent cleaning protocols. Given this communal effort, we are confident in a successful and safe fall 2021 semester with our Community members back on campus.

Close-up of a COVID-19 testing tube. Close-up of a COVID-19 testing tube.

COVID-19 Testing

Our goal is to keep the entire MCPHS community healthy and safe. To find out when and how frequently you need to be tested, please refer to the COVID-19 Testing links below. 

COVID-19 Testing Frequency Schedule

COVID-19 Testing Center Hours of Operation

MCPHS students wearing face masks. MCPHS students wearing face masks.

Return to Campus Checklist

Before returning to campus, please make sure you have followed the appropriate guidelines per your respective Coming to Campus checklist.

Checklist for Students

Checklist for Employees

Latest Community Notifications