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COVID-19 Information Center

The MCPHS COVID-19 site is built to provide the MCPHS community with the most up-to-date information. It is the primary platform used to publish new information, community-sourced FAQs, contact information, and past email communications. All new communications will be sent by email or by social media and text messages when appropriate. You can monitor your inbox and this site for all plans related to the fall 2021 semester. Use the navigation on the left to find answers to questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination and testing protocols, academics, residence halls, campus life, student support resources, and more. All University safety protocols apply to all students, faculty, and staff.

Our goal is to keep the entire MCPHS community healthy and safe while delivering high-quality educational experiences and comprehensive academic support. Frequent testing has been and remains crucial to the success of this goal. Anyone coming to campus must adhere to all University testing and contact tracing protocols. To find out when and how frequently you need to be tested, please refer to the COVID-19 Testing Frequency Schedule.

Additionally, a email box is available to take questions, concerns, and feedback. This mailbox is monitored regularly. A COVID-19 Team telephone line at 617.732.2798 is in place to take questions, concerns, and feedback.

COVID-19 Team Contact Information