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Coming to Campus

The health and safety of our students is our highest priority. One of the major steps the University is taking to help ensure that goal is limiting the daily number of people on campus.

Only a significantly reduced number of students will be physically on campus this summer. The remainder will be taking courses remotely throughout the summer term. Students engaged in the hybrid learning approach for the summer 2021 semesters will be asked to follow several procedures before coming to campus to keep our community safe.

New and returning students coming to campus must:

1. Complete the online MCPHS COVID-19 education module.

2. Self-evaluate their symptoms and complete the symptom report through the CoVerified App. These actions must be taken each day you are on campus.

3. Be compliant in the scheduling and completion of their diagnostic testing outlined in Testing and Contact Tracing.

4. Follow and utilize the health and safety protocols outlined in the MCPHS University COVID-19 Accountability and Community Standards.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the COVID-19 Team at