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International Students

For spring 2021, do I need to be in the United States, or can I be outside of the United States?

The University continues to be open for the spring 2021 semester in a hybrid model. Please check your MCPHS email for updates from the President, Provost, and your academic departments.

Communication sent from your academic department would have included a description of your options (hybrid or online only enrollment) and a link to a survey where you could indicate your spring 2021 plans. If there was no option to enroll in online courses only, you will be automatically scheduled for the hybrid option

For F-1 students, please review the grid below for information regarding your immigration options.

Enrollment Mode

Location During spring 2021

Student Types

F-1 Immigration


Boston, Manchester, or Worcester

New or Continuing
Hybrid only for New and Continuing for Dental Hygiene & Physician’s Assistant Program in Manchester and Worcester

Can maintain F-1 status

Hybrid Only

Manchester or Worcester

New and Continuing

Dental Hygiene and Physician’s Assistant program, maintain F-1 status in Hybrid only 

Online courses only

Online courses outside of the U.S


I-20 start date moved to Summer or Fall 2021. Cannot enter U.S. in F-1 status for spring 2021 

Online courses only

Online courses outside of the U.S


Can maintain Active F-1 record

Online courses only

Inside the U.S.

New F-1 Transfer currently in the U.S.

Complete SEVIS Check-in with Immigration & International Support Services. Complete SEVIS transfer. Can maintain F-1 Status. Contact Immigration and International Support Services if you have more questions. 

Online courses only

Inside the U.S.


Can maintain F-1 status unless in Physician’s Assistant or Dental Hygiene program at Worcester or Manchester  


I am planning on returning to the U.S. What do I need to do?

Before returning to the U.S. please visit the U.S. Department of State- Bureau of Consular Affairs website for information about visas and travel restrictions.

Any individual entering Massachusetts from outside the U.S. will be subject to quarantine requirements as required by Massachusetts state travel advisory.

If you are an F-1 student, please review the additional information provided by Immigration and International Support Services.

All students should regularly check their MCPHS email and the MCPHS website for updates regarding requirements for individuals visiting campus, etc.

Can I travel within the United States?

Yes, you can travel in the U.S. We recommend that students carefully consider the necessity of any travel (international or within the US). Please review the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines before planning any type of travel. Please also check with the Transportation Security Agency TSA, airlines and train companies for further requirements.

Please remember that any individual entering Massachusetts from outside the U.S. will be subject to quarantine requirements as required by Massachusetts state travel advisory.

I will be outside the U.S. and studying online for spring 2021. Will I have access to faculty for meetings?

Yes, you will have access to faculty for meetings. For most instructors, you will need to make an appointment via email, but some instructors may have alternative ways to schedule an appointment. Appointments may be conducted through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. The faculty will be including contact info, possible office hours, and additional information in their syllabi. It is important that you thoroughly read through each course syllabus when they become available.

Faculty are aware that many MCPHS students (especially international students) are in different time zones and will do their best to address the time differences.

I will be outside the U.S. and studying online for spring 2021. Will I have access to campus academic resources?

Yes, you will have access to campus academic support resources. The various academic support departments on campus are working diligently to make robust online support options available to all students. Academic advising, writing support, tutoring, English language support, and other services will be sharing their spring 2021 plans with students. That same information can be found on departmental web pages in or in Blackboard. Don’t forget to check your MCPHS email and the MCPHS website.

As an international student, can I receive treatment at a hospital or with other healthcare providers during the COVID-19 emergency?

Yes, as an international student you can receive treatment at a hospital or with other healthcare provider. Please call ahead to any healthcare location before arrival to get the most recent information about their intake processes.

If you are a continuing student on the Boston campus, you can also reach out to Optum Health Services for telehealth appointments.

Don’t forget to verify that you have valid health insurance to defray healthcare costs. If you are a continuing student at MCPHS with the student health insurance and have questions about Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Health Insurance Benefits (coverage), contact University Health Plans at 800.437.6448 or visit them online at

As an international student, I have questions about the CARES Act/Economic Impact Payments.

You may have heard about various rebates and/or stimulus payments announced by the US government in response to the COVID-19 situation or mentioned in the FAQs by Student Financial Services. Please note that the staff in the Center for International Services are not experts in these areas and cannot determine your eligibility in these complicated matters. You can review the information posted by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), or posted by Sprintax (the tax preparation software provided by the Colleges of the Fenway GEO Center to international students), or you can seek out the services of a Certified Tax Accountant (CPA) or tax professional.

What is multi-factor authentication? Why is this important to me?

In order to access MCPHS technology off campus, you will have to set up multi-factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is an extra layer of security that requires you not only to enter your password when logging into MCPHS websites but also to receive a phone call to verify that it is really you logging in. Some students have set up this process with their mobile phone number in the U.S., and if you have, you will not be able to access your MCPHS accounts when you are outside of the U.S. To avoid this problem, you should download the Authenticator app on your mobile device and follow these set-up instructions.

What if Office 365, Blackboard, or another application I need for class is blocked in my country?

MCPHS has virtual desktop software that allows you to connect to MCPHS from outside of the U.S. You should download and install the VMWare Horizon. Instructions can be found here. If you have any difficulties, please contact

Flexplan 2021

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Our plan for the safe reopening in the spring.

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