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Current F-1 Students

Can I study as an F-1 student and only take online courses at MCPHS?

As an F-1 student, you are required to enroll in in-person coursework. F-1 status requires full-time enrollment each semester, which can include a limited number online courses. F-1 students are allowed to take one online class towards their full-time enrollment. For example, at MCPHS undergraduates are required to enroll full-time for a minimum of 12 credits of which one course (3 credits) can be online. Graduate students are required to enroll for a minimum of 9 credits of which one course at 3 credits can be online.

I am an F-1 student. How can I get an I-20 travel signature?

If you are a continuing student returning to MCPHS for the fall term, fill out our online Request for I-20 Reprint to obtain an updated travel signature. In the I-20 Reprint Reason Questionnaire, select “TRAVEL” as the reprint reason. Due to the recent changes in SEVP guidance published on November 1, 2021, SEVP has formally adopted the use of electronic signatures and transmission for the Form I-20. F-1 students can use printed copies of the I-20 with their most recent travel signature.

Please email our office at if you have any questions.

Can I come to the office to pick up my immigration documents or if I have questions about my F-1 status?

F-1 students will be able to retrieve their immigration documents at Immigration and International Support Services (IISS) will notify students by email when documents are available.

For questions about F-1 status, IISS is available by appointment via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It can be used on a desktop or mobile device, and to sign in, simply use your MCPHS login credentials. Mobile apps can be found in your App Store.

Effective September 06, 2022, IISS will also be available in person by appointment as needed. To schedule an online or in-person appointment with us, email our office.

What do I need to do before I return to the United States for the fall 2022 semester?

Please verify that you have an unexpired passport, a valid F-1 visa, and a current travel signature on page 2 of your I-20. If your travel signature is older than 1 year, please contact Immigration and International Support Services at

As an F-1 student, is there any information I need to provide to Immigration and International Support Services?

Yes. Please continue to update your current local address within 10 days of any move, as required by F-1 immigration regulations. In addition, please notify Immigration and International Support Services if you cannot return to campus for the fall term. Contact Immigration and International Support Services at if you have any additional questions.

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