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Face Mask Protocols on Campus

Mask Requirements

As a result of the high transmissibility of the current COVID-19 variant as well as rising positivity rates on campus, MCPHS is temporarily requiring all students, faculty, and staff to wear well-fitting surgical, KF94, KN95, or N95 masks beginning on Friday, May 20, 2022. Masks will be required in all indoor campus locations unless eating or drinking, or in a private office.

Well-fitted masks (KF94, KN95, N95) are also required in the following settings, regardless of vaccination status. 

  • Laboratory settings including clinical practicum assessments
  • Healthcare facilities include Forsyth Dental Hygiene Clinic; Eye and Vision Center; NESA Acupuncture Treatment Center; Balance, Movement, and Wellness Center; and Counseling Services per federal and state mandates.
  • Libraries
  • Kennedy Building at MassArt- all common areas and dining hall
  • COVID-19 testing centers

Faculty who are teaching and can have greater than 6 feet distance from students may choose to not wear a mask while at the podium.

If you have tested positive or been exposed to COVID-19, you must wear a mask in all spaces on campus until your completion of the 10-day period since the positive test result, as recommended by CDC guidelines.

How to Wear a Mask

  1. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer for a minimum of 20 seconds before applying your face mask.
  2. Face masks must cover your nose, mouth, and chin with a snug fit in order to be effective.

Tip: If your face mask leaves an open gap at your cheeks, twist the ear loops once and tuck the sides of the mask inward.

For more information about the effectiveness, proper use, or disposal of face masks, please refer to the World Health Organization's coronavirus advice, the CDC webpage on mask guidance, or the CDC video on mask guidance. Questions about the University’s mask-wearing protocols may be directed to the MCPHS COVID-19 Team by email at: or by telephone at: 617.732.2798.