Biopharmaceutical Industry Fellowships

Launch your career in the heart of biotech

Helping Patients on a Macro Scale

Founded in 2003, the fellowship program is designed to provide Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) graduates with in-depth, specialized training within the biopharmaceutical industry. The program partners with industry-leading companies to offer significant experience in a corporate setting, enabling fellows to hone their business and clinical skills. The program also aims to foster professional development; provide intensive, hands-on training; and expose fellows to a variety of industry and academia-based opportunities.
MCPHS Fellow

Developing Strong Industry Leaders

Fellowship Mission

Develop strong biopharmaceutical industry leaders through significant hands-on experience in their respective functional areas.

PharmD Post-Graduate Training

MCPHS provides an academic environment to guide and support fellows towards a successful career through teaching and research experience.

Immersive Industry Experience

Fellows will have the opportunity to experience high-level hands-on work in innovative biotech companies.

Portrait of a male in a medical research laboratory.
New Release

From PharmD to Industry: A Fellowship Guide

This free guide for PharmD students aspiring to apply to a biopharmaceutical fellowship program offers invaluable insights and advice from current fellows and seasoned industry professionals. It also provides a well-structured pathway to simplify the fellowship application process, a comprehensive understanding of the transition from student life to a career in the industry, and practical activities to facilitate decision-making and the preparation of application materials.
Portrait of a male in a medical research laboratory.
MCPHS Fellow

Application and Eligibility Requirements

Learn more about eligibility requirements, academic requirements and how to apply for a fellowship.