photo of MCPHS with students and flags on wall
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MCPHS Ranked among America's Most Diverse Universities

photo of MCPHS with students and flags on wall

One of MCPHS University's strengths has long been the diversity of its student body, and now it's being recognized for it.

News site 24/7 Wall St. reviewed U.S. Department of Education Data and compiled a list of the 25 most diverse colleges and universities in the United States. MCPHS ranked #16. The study found that any two random MCPHS students have a 78.4% chance of being a different race, ethnicity, or citizenship. It's also one of just five schools on the list with an African-American student population of over 10% (10.2%); other key findings include over a quarter of students identifying as Asian and 9.4% as Hispanic.

The inclusive student body reflects the MCPHS mission to advance health worldwide, focus on international opportunities, and prepare students for a global healthcare system.

You can learn more here about our international travel courses, clinical experiences abroad, and student exchange programs.