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Student Spotlight: Angelina LaSala, PharmD

When Angelina LaSala decided to pursue her PharmD degree, the accelerated program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) stood out among the rest.

When Angelina LaSala decided to pursue her PharmD degree, the program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) stood out among the rest. “I chose to enroll in the PharmD program at MCPHS for several reasons. One of them being that it is an accelerated program, so I will have my doctorate degree in just under 3 years!”

In addition to the accelerated time-frame, she also loved the idea of the tight-knit community in Manchester, New Hampshire, and being immersed in a completely healthcare-focused environment on campus.

“The Manchester campus is small so I can really get to know my professors and have extra one-on-one attention. I also like that everyone on campus is enrolled in a healthcare profession, so I know everyone is working extremely hard for their degree.”

For these reasons and more, Angelina elected to enroll at MCPHS after completing her bachelor’s degree. We recently caught up with her to hear how her transition is going, and learn more about why she chose the PharmD program.

You recently completed your undergraduate studies at the University of New Hampshire. How was transitioning from UNH to MCPHS?

It was great! The process of enrolling was super easy and the admissions staff has been very helpful. Anytime I emailed them with a question about the admission process, they responded right away which was very alleviating. There are many different resources to help in the enrollment process for accepted students.

What are your classroom experiences like so far?

Everybody is here with the same end goal and has been extremely supportive. The professors genuinely want to see you succeed and are willing to go that extra mile. I also love having all the same classes as my peers in the program. If I don’t understand the class material there is always someone willing to help me, and vice versa. You spend every day with these people so it begins to feel like we are all a family.

How does it feel to attend a university where the entire student population is pursuing a career in healthcare?

Attending a university where the entire student population is pursuing a career in healthcare has been refreshing. There is a common understanding that each one of us is working very hard to achieve our goals. It is also nice to interact with other future healthcare professionals, as there is a good chance we will work together someday. I like the idea of being able to learn from other students in different professions and share some of my knowledge with them as well.

Why do you want a career in healthcare?

I want to help people live to their full potential. Ever since I started working in a pharmacy, I have been fascinated by the many different drugs and how each one works differently to treat illnesses. Attending pharmacy school has allowed me to learn about these drugs and so much more! I hope to use my knowledge I have gained to make an impact on the ever-changing world of medicine.

What do you like about attending a university located in Manchester?

Because the Manchester campus is smaller you really get to know one another well, including the professors. The on-campus facilities are also very nice. There are several study rooms and a quiet room located in the library, which makes it easier to focus while studying. Also, our campus is located right on Elm Street within walking distance to plenty of restaurants. Having them nearby is nice during lunch breaks when you want to take a break from schoolwork and grab a bite to eat!

You’ve only recently transitioned to MCPHS, but what do you enjoy most about your time here so far?

I have already met a lot of great people with the same goals as myself. Everyone is supportive of one another and we all want to succeed, which I think helps make your heavy workload a little easier. Also, a lot of the professors are MCPHS alumni, so they know exactly what you are experiencing and can give you tips on being successful in each of your classes.

What is the most valuable lesson or piece of advice you’ve picked up during your first semester?

I have learned how crucial it is to make your schoolwork a top priority. It has been hard adjusting to the workload, but I have learned to stay on top of it. I am also learning how important it is to become involved in clubs and committees on campus. Not only will it look good on your resume, but it allows you to network with other professionals in your field.

What are your future career aspirations?

I want to be a licensed pharmacist. I am not sure which setting I want to work in yet, but I hope to figure that out as I go through the program. MCPHS will give me the doctorate degree I need, as well as the experience and critical knowledge to be successful in my field.

Interested in a career in pharmacy? Find out more about the Accelerated PharmD program on our Worcester and Manchester campuses.