Pre-Dental Science Undergraduate Certificate

School of Professional Studies

Location: Boston
Start Term: Fall
Format: Part-Time

Advance your career with this undergraduate certificate, specifically designed for dental hygienists. This undergraduate certificate includes the prerequisite courses required to apply for dental school.

As demand for dentists continues to grow, below are the benefits of taking the Pre-Dental Science Undergraduate Certificate at MCPHS:

  • Offered on-campus
  • Designed to fit your work schedule
  • Can be completed within 3-4 semesters
  • Students will be assigned an advisor for individual course and application support

Who Should Enroll?

This program is designed for dental hygienists who have a bachelor of science in dental hygiene (BSDH) and are aiming to apply for advanced education in dentistry (DDS, DMD).

Students are expected to hold a bachelor of science degree in dental hygiene (BSDH) and be proficient in English language skills.

The curriculum includes up to 42 credit hours of prerequisite courses required for admission into dental school. Students must complete a minimum of 16 credits to obtain the certificate which allows flexibility for students who have completed some of the required coursework elsewhere.

  • BIO 151 Biology I (3 cr)
  • BIO 150L Biology I Lab (1 cr)
  • BIO 152 Biology II (3 cr)
  • BIO 152L Biology II Lab (1 cr)
  • BIO 360 Cellular Biochemistry (3 cr) or BIO 360 Cellular Biochemistry Lecture and Lab (4 cr)
  • CHE 131 Chemical Principles I (3 cr)
  • CHE 131L Chemical Principles I Lab (3 cr)
  • CHE 132 Chemical Principles II (3 cr)
  • CHE 132L Chemical Principles II Lab (1 cr)
  • CHE 231 Organic Chemistry I ( 3 cr)
  • CHE 231L Organic Chemistry I Lab (1 cr)
  • CHE 232 Organic Chemistry II (3 cr)
  • CHE 234L Organic Chemistry II Lab (1 cr)
  • MAT 151 Calculus I (3 cr)
  • MAT 152 Calculus II (3 cr)
  • PHY 280 Physics I (3 cr)
  • PHY 280L Physics I Lab ( 1 cr)
  • PHY 284 Physics II (3 cr)
  • PHY 284L Physics II Lab (1 cr)

The majority of the courses are through the Arts and Sciences School. Please email for more information. Students must earn at least a B in each course and a 3.3 cumulative GPA in the certificate courses. No transfer credits will be accepted for the certificate.

Online tuition is calculated at a cost-per-credit rate based on the program you choose and the number of credits for which you register. Learn more about online tuition and fees.

“The Certificate in Pre-Dental Science from MCPHS was my first choice. As a former graduate of MCPHS, I was able to continue working with my previous instructors to finish the program. The School of Professional Studies staff was instrumental in the application process and designed the program around my work schedule. The flexibility of the program was an important factor for choosing this program.”

Nicholas | Pre-Dental Science Undergraduate Certificate