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Center for Academic Success and Enrichment

At MCPHS, we prepare our students for meaningful careers in the health sciences. We do that by providing academic support services that empower our students to succeed.

The Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE) provides academic support services to students across three campuses. The CASE works with students to maximize their potential by introducing them to the strategies that will make them more efficient, effective, and independent learners. We empower students to take advantage of a toolbox of success strategies that will enhance academic program performance, helping them succeed during their academic careers and beyond.

Services offered by the CASE cover a range of areas, including peer mentoring, academic coaching.


On our Worcester and Manchester campuses, the CASE has tailored their academic support services to meet the needs of students in professional, accelerated programs. Students on these campuses enjoy academic counseling, peer tutoring, and peer mentoring, among many other services, including programming focused on improving learning study, study skills, and time management.


On our Boston campus, every student is assigned a MAC team of Mentors and Academic Coaches for personalized guidance and support. Every member of a student’s MAC team is directly connected to their academic program, ensuring that the guidance they provide is personalized to the needs of each student. The MAC team includes:

Mentors: Faculty Mentors assist students with broad curriculum and career exploration, graduate and continuing education, an understanding of professionalism, and general advice in their field.

Academic Coaches: Academic Coaches assist students with the academic challenges and transitions they encounter on their way to becoming health care professionals, including helping with class registration. Academic Coaches provide personalized performance-enhancing guidance to help students set academic goals, manage their time more effectively and make the most of campus resources. Academic Coaches help students develop test taking skills and develop self-management techniques.

In addition, peer mentoring is available to students through CASE. Peer mentors are upper level students dedicated to first year student success by supporting new students and ensuring a smooth transition to academic life at MCPHS.

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