Online Learning Tips

Look to your professors as mentors.

The faculty at MCPHS are leaders in their fields, but above all, they are mentors to our students. Our online faculty are focused on providing quality instruction and guidance to students, which means that they welcome making meaningful connections with students. At MCPHS Online, students are encouraged to reach out to their professors directly with questions or concerns, empowering them to take their education to the next level.

Understand the importance of making connections.

One common misconception about online learning is that it’s a solitary experience. At MCPHS Online, nothing could be further from the truth. Our online students are healthcare professionals from across the nation, and they are as passionate about the health sciences as you are. That means that connecting with your fellow students is a great way to make friends and also create lasting connections that will benefit you in your career. MCPHS Online’s distance learning programs allow you to connect with classmates through discussion, message boards, and more.

Create a schedule - and stick to it.

Online learning isn’t just for independent learners. Anyone can learn the time management and study skills needed to excel in an online program. The first important step is to create a schedule – and stick to it.

Online programs through MCPHS Online are asynchronous, which means you can log in and review the lectures on your own schedule each week. That does empower you to balance career advancement with the rest of your busy life, but it also means you are responsible for managing your own schedule. To discover what works for you, sit down and plan out an entire month. When will you complete the lectures? Study for exams? Complete coursework? By creating a schedule and sticking to it, you can do your best work.

Pro Tip: Look at your schedule after your first week of coursework through MCPHS Online. Was it too ambitious, or were you able to meet your deadlines? Use the knowledge of your first week of work to adjust your schedule if necessary.

Create a workspace.

Sure, you can complete your coursework for MCPHS Online from anywhere. (One of our recent graduates even took a month-long trip to Hawaii during her program!) But an on-the-go lifestyle may not be best for every type of learner. If you thrive on consistency, we recommend creating a workspace that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to stay focused. Your workspace may be a desk at home or a spot at your kitchen table, but it should be free from outside anxieties or distractions.