Leave of Absence

The University recognizes there are situations when a student may require a leave of absence (LOA). Such leaves are granted for a maximum of one academic year with the exception of leaves granted for military service. The student must meet to consult with their Academic Dean or designee regarding the reason(s) for considering, and the ramifications of, taking a leave of absence. After the initial meeting with the Academic Dean or designee, the student must return the completed Leave of Absence form within 1 week (or 5 business days) with the required signatures: a) the student b) Academic Dean or designee c) Student Financial Services and d) Immigration Services representative (for international students). The Academic Dean or designee will notify the student within 1 week (or 5 business days) upon receipt of the completed form with the finalized LOA requirements via the student’s MCPHS email account. Students who take a leave after the designated add/drop period will receive course grade(s) of W. *For information on a Health/Medical Leave of Absence, please see the Health/Medical Leave of Absence section in the University Catalog.

Return from Leave of Absence

Students returning from a leave of absence must confirm they are returning to MCPHS University with their Academic Dean or designee prior to the following dates:

  • March 1 – for a summer or fall semester return
  • October 1 – for a spring semester return
  • Online students – 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester

Students on a leave of absence are not eligible for University services, with the exception of academic advising. Students who intend to return from an LOA must also review and adhere to applicable school/program-specific policies in addition to the general policy outlined herein. Students who fail to return within the designated time must reapply for admission.